Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Kids Bathroom? No Way!

We told you we've been busy. There are three lucky teenagers in Southwest Miami-Dade these days, because well, they get to call this swanky bathroom their very own. 
Glass mosaic tiles on the main shower wall make a bold statement as you enter. They are then framed by seamless shower doors, with a brushed nickel handheld shower. And to top it all off, we added the coolest vanity any kid has ever had the pleasure of using. 
Yet as fancy as the finishes are, it's still feels playful. We selected two styles of glass tile that mimicked the frothiness of the ocean and added more splashes of color with the accessories.


Want The Look?

Porcelain and glass tiles: Floor Decor
Vanity: Rorcabinetry
Towels and bathrugs: Target
Artwork/accessories: HomeGoods
Shower Doors: Bazart Glass


  1. i want this bathroom... i need you to do virtual renovations/consultations....

  2. Thanks Tamika! We'd love to do a virtual consultation for your space (s). Send us a message at to get started. We're about to launch a 50% off promo so it'll be applied to your designs as well.

  3. I love this bathroom and I'm going to show it to my hubby tonight.


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