Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...Go Heat!

Forgive us today if we look like this:

or this:

But as you know, a certain team could be the NBA champions tonight:

You know the team that inspired this room years ago:

Yes, that team.
So forgive us if we have nothing else on the brain
A win.
Go HEAT!!!!!!!!!


  1. Celebrating with you for Them! I watched the Basketball documentary about them and I just cried. I haven't watched Basketball since Jordan (yes, it was that serious) ... hahaha but "Bron brought me back" in my Helen Baylor voice.

    I love a Good Underdog, Made it through Poverty and dispair Story.


  2. Hey Jackie,
    Thanks for stopping by and helping us celebrate our team victory. No BB since Jordan? surely you jest but I"m glad our team brought ya back! How could I have missed this documentary? ESPN? I gotta see if it's running again.


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