Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Single Again and Now it's Time to PAAAARTY!?

Engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette soirees, the uber fabulous wedding and now divorce parties? Lord help us, but yes, the latter has now become quite the trend. So after taking 18 months to plan the wedding of your dreams, including sending out 300 wedding invitations (with no labels mind you, just your perfect handwriting to address each guest), it only takes you three days and 50 e-invite cards to plan your divorce party. Ouch. I know somewhere I'm missing the irony in this....

                 Source: via Nick on Pinterest

you can still wear white...
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

and have an open bar...

even hire a DJ so you can rock out to songs like Trina's - I'm Single Again, Fiona Apple's - Get Gone, Pink's - So What, Ace of Base's - I Saw the Sign, Daughtry's - Over You and your new anthem Taylor Swift's - We are never EVER getting back together.

there will be party favors...

                             Source: via Liz on Pinterest

and what party would be complete without cake...
                           Source: via Selina on Pinterest

Now I have been to countless bachelorette parties, but I have to admit I have never been to a divorce party and really hope I never have to go to one. I think we should start a trend where we have "Let's fight to stay together" parties.  I guess that's my hopeless romantic side rearing is ugly head again....
Have you even been to a divorce party? Was it a fun, liberating affair, or was it simply awkward? Should your marriage end (God forbid!)would you even think about having one? 
Happy Hump Day!!

Debbie B.


  1. Debbie, you had me cracking up! I've never been to a divorce party, but heard about them. That tshirt, cake and bastard is gone invitation nearly had me falling out of my chair. hahaha I think it's a positive spin on a new outlook. I've never been married, but I would have one. LOL

    1. Kim, I have never been married either but I don't want to jinx myself by going to one...LOL

  2. This is so funny(ok, maybe not) but I agree with Kim, positive spin on a new outlook. I don't know if I want to get invited to one.

    1. What would you give as a gift? Coupon to Chip N Dales? LOL
      I hope I never get invited to one either.

  3. Que buena estuvo la fiesta.Saludos desde Chile

  4. A woman in town threw herself a bachelorette, again, party. I was not invited, but I heard it was bar, etc...she still had access to his credit card for a while, so he paid.

  5. so funny!! I hadn't heard of this.....but what a great post! where do you find this stuff? You are so creative!! I'm with you with the Let's fight to stay together aprties. Cheers!

    1. Thanks and back at ya. I think Fighting to Stay together parties are the next big trend...LOL

  6. Too funny! I've never been to one either. Congrats, I guess that's appropriate?! :)

    1. Personally I think I would go a shopping spree. With his card of course....LOL

  7. Hello, I'm working on a new documentary-style TV series (description below) and just wanted to reach out to see if you know anyone who might be interested. Thanks so much, appreciate your help.

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