Monday, October 8, 2012

Let There Be Oxblood

We're still burning up here in Miami, still rocking our flip flops and all white everything, but we're not immune to all the chatter of Fall. I mean, it's everywhere, in particular the newly ordained Fall trend color: oxblood or to the uninitiated, burgundy aka maroon. *Side note - somebody out there makes a killing each year renaming names.
Anywho, oxblood is all over the runway - in jackets, dresses, lipstick, nails, boots, you name it, it's been saturated in said hue.
If it's trending in fashion then of course this color will be popping up in homes across America - via pillows, throws, leather chairs, candles, bedding.

Fall Color Trend: Oxblood

We're on the fence over here on LLD. It's a pretty deep color to incorporate in a warm region, but maybe we can give a nod to a few pieces if used sparingly.  Are you jumping on the oxblood band wagon or you already crying next? Is this a color you can see incorporating in your wardrobe or home decor? Or are you like us and giving it some love but only in small doses?


  1. we're just feeling a slight breeze here in new orleans! hahaha so i understand what you're talking about. i LOVE the color, but I couldn't see myself having that dark furniture like that in my home (warm climate), nor Miami (i always think lighter and more tropical colors for there). if i did decorate with it, i would probably do accent pillows or something. but i LOVE it for fashion, beauty (makeup) and accessories. it's such a gorgeous and rich color.

  2. I am jumping on this bandwagon for sure! Can't get enough of this color in my life!

  3. SO glad that you stopped by, so that I could discover this fabulous and chic blog! I love a bit of oxblood incorporated into my clothes and accessories - I have several bags and shoes in this colour, and a few cashmere sweaters, so fashion-wise, I'm already sold. I inherited a deep red drawing room - almost oxblood - when I moved to my current home in the countryside, and my first instinct was to get rid of it and lighten it up. However, as the nights draw in each year (I'm in England) and the weather becomes colder, and the time for lighting the log fire in the evenings comes upon us, it becomes a cosy, snug haven for evening cocooning, and the colour seems perfect!
    Love your style,
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paula. Loved stepping into your world as well.Glad you can appreciate this color in so many areas. Green with envy about that country house of yours. In England to boot? Tres fab.

  4. This fall I've purchased a burgundy bag and painted my nails in the dark rich hue. Small doses of this fab color for me!

    1. I would love a burgundy biker jacket or a pair of brian atwood heels in the same color...who am I kidding I would like them both...LOL
      Thanks for stopping

  5. love that dark color for fall -- great post! <3


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