Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary.....

Two years ago today, I married the love of my life. 
A true friend, confidant, supporter, cheerleader; someone who's seen me at my worst and never cared. I'd marry him all over again, in a heartbeat. 
Happy Anniversary babes.

The Gazebo at Moon Dance Cliff Resorts, Negril, Jamaica

My amazing niece, who woke up this morning and reminded everyone it was our anniversary.

Oh Lord, how much I love these Pour La Victoire shoes. Sadly, they can no longer fit. Perils of feet that grew a size during pregnancy, but never got the memo to return to normal.

Family style eating - my favorite recommendation for large events - for the reception.

Patrick having his own Paparazzi moment!
My brother Craig, quite the soccer player in Jamaica, walked me down the aisle.
Okay, we got a bit emotional.  

We do!

Psst, hey you, what you doing later?
Yes, we had a large bridal party and yet with just 75 guests, a pretty small wedding.

My husband's childhood friends turned groomsmen. They are just as silly as he is so it's never a dull moment when they all get together. 
Headed down by the cliffs for some photos. Notice that all the 6" heels have been removed. lol
And then the party got started...
The hubs and his groomsmen serenaded me. Okay, his singing skills are a bit suspect, but you would have thought they were New Edition! They were killing it! A fun and complete surprise because no one had any clue this was going down.

My friends and family know how to get down! I did not share the most scandalous dance photos. They were too scandalous! Really scandalous!

Two of Xavier's Godmothers getting down!
That's all folks.

As you know, the lil man is still under the weather so we will likely have a candle light dinner for three at the house this evening. Again, I would do this all over again, including the wedding! We had that much fun. 
This is my favorite anniversary song, which will probably be playing all day on my Pandora.  


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful pictures! Best wishes for many many more!!!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary Niks and Quinnie...darn where did the time go. Niks, is it okay if I call dibs on those fab shoes?...LOL. What too soon?

  4. Happy, happy!!! COngratulations! What a beautiful wedding you had! I love the shoes and all the pops of pink. You looked so beautiful and radiant. The tablescapes and all the details are magazine worthy...what a perfect wedding. I hope you get pampered plenty today!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for letting us be a part of the beautiful day through the pictures!!!!
    ps...don't give up on the shoes...never know about feet!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You had such a gorgeous wedding...I love all the pink details!

  7. Wow, beautiful wedding and this hot pink color is one my favorite colors!
    "Joyeux Anniversaire de mariage" to you & your little hubby ♥

  8. Great day, and it looked like an even better party. Love the colors you chose, and I love that they sang to you. How sweet is your niece.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Nicole! Hope your little guy feels better!


  10. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was exquisite! Love the pink and white together.

  11. Happy Anniversary...TY for sharing your obviously very special and beautiful day!

  12. Such beautiful wedding photography. I literally just read a post on another blog that made my eyes well up with tears and then this post had me sitting here smiling to myself.


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