Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Blues

Heavy heart all weekend as like you, I've tried to make sense of Friday's mass killing in Newtown, Connecticut. 
Hard to be festive this season when your heart is aching for the parents of those 20 children, plus the family and friends of the six adults who are no longer with us. I've hugged Xavier so much this weekend that he has to be wondering what is wrong with this lady. The only thing wrong, is that I've come to truly understand how fickle this life really is. To the family and friends of all the victims, you are in our prayers.


  1. it was a really sad weekend. i hear people talking, but i don't see any changes. gun sales went UP this weekend. it's crazy.

    1. Sigh. Very startled to see an increase in gun sales as well and that gun supporters had the nerve to protest outside the White House, in the face of all this grief. In addition to revising gun laws, I'm afraid we also need some major assistance for the mentally ill. This mother knew her son was ill but her solution was to buy guns to protect herself? We see how that turned out.

  2. Same here, my kids are so tired of me hugging them.

  3. so heartbreaking....really sad. You never know what tomorrow has in store for us. Those poor parents and families. a real tragedy.


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