Friday, June 14, 2013

30 Second Commute - The Home Office

Hey peeps! So happy that it's Friday and I'm on my way back to Miami to see my two favorite men, and check in on my design projects. If you work from home a lot like I do, then I know you've long dreamed or swooned over having a fabulous and well organized home office. In our sponsored post below, you'll get some great tips on how best to organize your home office to make it work best for you. Take a read and try not to drool over the photos.    

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Thanks to our Ipads, laptops, phones and other techie devices, many of us small business owners and bloggers have the luxury of commuting about 30 seconds to our office. Yep, pouring a cup of coffee and walking in your pajamas from the kitchen to the office has never been easier.

A clean and well organized home office is the best way enjoy this newfound freedom, and to make sure that the rigors of your home life do not make their way into your work environment. Like any part of the home, you want your personal style to figure heavily into your work ambiance, and having tangled cables and stacks of paper makes that next to impossible.

Opting for a customized home office design that ensures that your necessary tools and documents are where they should be, will help you see an increase in your productivity.
Think about how your work day would benefit from cable management systems and a desk layout that is built around your technology. You open a cabinet door to reveal your printer and scanner, with reserves of paper and other supplies neatly organized on shelves in a closet nearby. You push away from your desk to a row of filing cabinets, all perfectly set to your specifications and requirements. Even if you're just looking for a place to calmly pay the bills, developing a system based on clarity and organization will make bill paying as pleasant as it can possibly be.
Combine your personally-devised layout with stylistic enhancements that will make for a perfect place to spend the day, and you're bound to hit your productivity stride right when you step through the door. 
Here are just a few custom home office layouts, that are both stylish and functional. 

"Double Duty" by pretty-little-things on Polyvore
How organized is your home office? Please feel free to share some photos or links to your home office.


  1. my home office is in tear down mode, getting ready for the big move. I have a desktop on a table, it's pretty sad looking :) but the new home office will be fan-freaking-tastic!

  2. I'm moving into my new place on Saturday and will have my first dedicated office (well it's also the guestroom, but oh well). My biggest concern is being able to decorate it well but also have enough storage and organization. Fingers crossed I figure it out! This post was helpful!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells


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