Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time Is a Flying....

The little man is just two months shy of turning the big 2, and the mommy in me is having a moment. Why, oh why, is he growing up so fast?
Most of you warned me about this speedy ride through his childhood, and yet I still can't believe he's already parroting everything we say (which means I'm now spelling out a LOT of words) and just chatting up a storm. 
Eternally grateful to have this little man in my life, and to be there to watch him discover new things - Umbrella? Elephant? Crackers? Dora? Bubba Guppies? 

These photos are from our little family escape to Naples for the Labor Day weekend. I SO needed that break and some rest!
 Showing off his baby muscles. He now has a serious fan club in that town. SMH! 

Loves him so! Thanks for indulging my little moment. Really needed that moment of pause/reflection. 
Here's why: I'm gearing up for a grueling weekend - finally wrapping up this project and shooting final pictures. We are also doing a baby shower for this wonderful client. We also have lots of project reveals in the works. Be sure to follow me over at Instagram to see how we survive this weekend's madness.  


  1. aww he is too cute, my youngest son turns 2 on the 28th...but i am already ready for him to turn 5...he is a true middle child! lol

  2. He is so stinkin cute! My daughter turns 2 in Nov and i'm totally wigging out. They are an awful lot of fun right now though!

  3. When I saw his little face pop up on my instagram feed I was seriously shocked at how big he is! He's not a little baby anymore!! So stinkin cute!

  4. What an absolute cutie!!! You must be so proud!!! :)

    The Glam Pad

  5. Beautiful perfect angel! Enjoy this sacred time before he wants to be a 'big boy'.

  6. So super cute!!! Kiss him and hold him all you can....I still ask little Miss A if I can pick her up and carry her....I can barely hold her she is so big...but I know this is the last year my back can take it!! So glad you all had such a marvelous and relaxing time!


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