Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The 2014 African American Top 20 Interior Designers

When I started designing 10 years ago, I had a VERY difficult time finding designers of color, much less designers whose work had been featured in major design magazines. Then one day, the very newspaper I worked for featured interior designer Cecile Hayes and I was blown away. Hayes, born and raised in South Florida had been tapped to design a space at the newly opened African American Research Library. She would become the first African American Designer featured in Architectural Digest and the first African American as well as the only designer from the South to be named to Architectural Digest’s Top 100 list of influential designers in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Hayes at her home years ago and am eternally grateful for her sage design advice and incredible warmth.
Fast forward a few years and finding designers of color is no longer akin to finding a needle in a haystack. 
To celebrate and showcase their work, designer Kimberly Ward  created an annual list of 20 top African American designers. Hayes, designer Darryl Carter, and 20 other African American designers will be feted this Thursday through Saturday in Atlanta at a series of events and soirees. 
Since half of my designer besties live in Atlanta, I'm bummed as heck that I can't be there this weekend to celebrate. I'll follow along and cheer them on via Instagram and Twitter for sure.
Anywho, go ahead and check out their work from the links below. Pretty sure you'll be blown away by their talent as well.
The 2014 African American Top 20 Interior Designers

Linda Allen * Linda Allen Designs* LosAngeles

Nile Johnson * Nile Johnson Design * * DC

Alicia Lamar *Alicia Lamar Home *  * Los Angeles

Anishka Clarke *Ishka Designs* * New York

Lorna Gross- Bryant *Savant Interior Design  * *Bethesda, MD

Tiffany Brooks *You and Your Decor  * *Chicago

Robin Wilson * Robin Wilson Home *  *New York 

Joan Goodwin * Verandah Interiors  *  * Columbia, SC

Rae Revelle * Ray Norris Design *  * Arlington, VA

Joy Moyler  * Joy Moyler Interiors  * * New York

Marian Akinloye * MA Design Studio  * *  New York

Erin Shakoor * Shakoor Interiors  *  * Chicago

Michel Boyd * Smith Boyd Interiors * * Atlanta

Elaine Griffin * Elaine Griffin  *  * New York

Ron Woodson * Woodson and Rummerfield *  
* Los Angeles

Sheila Bridges * Sheila Bridges *  * New York

Lisa Turner * Interior Obsessions  *  * Los Angeles

Janice Palmer * Palmer Design Group * * Atlanta

Roderick Shade  * Roderick N. Shade Interior Design  *  * New York

Howard Brown * Howard Brown Design * * Atlanta


Darryl Carter * Darryl Carter * * Washington DC

Cecil Hayes * Cecil Hayes *  * Miami  


  1. awesome!! thank you for sharing this, love to see African Americans shining in their fields :) you are awesome!

  2. You'll be on that list one day! Congrats to all! xo Nancy

  3. This is great! I am currently in awe of Elaine Griffin and Shelia Bridges. Shelia has such an amazing story

  4. Thanks for the inspirational list of designers.

  5. So happy to know about this inspirational list of designers. I've only recently learned about Tiffany Brooks and Sheila Bridges. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have some of my favorite designers on this list! LOVE Sheila! I read her book it was great and saw her in person , gorgeous! I love Elaine Griffin and Darry Carter as well, Saw Elaine's work a few years ago at the Summit Show house in NJ, it was by far my favorite room!

  7. Hello! Thank you so much for the feature. It was truly an honored to one of the honorees this year and the festivities in Atlanta were amazing. Hopefully I will see you ladies at the events next year.

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  9. Lovely post.I would like share a little bits.I had an eminent time at the African American Top 20 Interior Designer Event in Atlanta,GA. Premiere night was at the W Hotel where I was captured with Anishka Clark, Ishka Designs, Danielle Colding, dcdny, Tiffany Brooks, You and Your Decor, Erin Shakoor, Shakoor Interiors and Joan Goodwin, Verandah Interior Design.. Thanks all!

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