Thursday, October 9, 2014

ORC Week 2: Hello Home Office Design Plan.

So it's only Week 2 of the One Room Challenge Linking Party and I am kinda hungover. I'm seriously in a daze, tipsy from just how freaking intense this ORC has been. I mean the pressure is real people.
To be honest, I have been my worst client. Hands down. Just ask my assistants. They'll spin the beans. Just offer them some of that squash soup from Panera Bread and they will sing a song in every tune.
So where are we since last week when we first showed you before pictures of my raggedy home office and this inspiration pic?

OK, love, love this room but as I caution most clients, these photos are for inspiration not duplication. I love the dark walls, but chose to do a dark blue/grey on my bookshelves not my wall. Love the etageres but have chosen to re-purpose an old bookshelf that will be styled just as exquisitely as these etageres. Love the urchin light fixture but they ain't cheap and I think it'd scare Xavier at night. Maybe even moi. *side note, there are 11 decorative urchins scattered throughout these two etageres. hmmm. strange?
While I love the sexy grown up vibe of this office, and even though I fancy myself as grown and sexy, I also have a toddler and want there to be a bit of fun and playfulness in this office, especially since he comes charging in there the minute he walks through the door from daycare. 
So the bold geometric rug will be an ode to my love of color, the need to make a bold statement in a room layered with shades of blue and grey and a nod that the space should not take itself so seriously.
Since the hubby will also use this office, the desk will need to seat two comfortably. 
Speaking of desks, that pretty little piece of white and gold hotness has been stalking my dreams, but it has a price tag that is kinda steep so the jury is still out on that decision. Yes, I clearly need to pull the trigger by next week if I plan to finish this challenge in 6 weeks. Duh.
But let me spill the beans about the biggest scandal to date of this ORC: The Battle of the Loveseats.

 Jeezus weez, who know we would agonize so much over a freaking loveseat (clients, I now forgive you for all the times you dragged your feet, agonizing over the options I sent your way. I truly, truly had no clue how gut wrenching these decisions can be. 
I definitely wanted extra seating in the office but can only fit a love seat no wider than 68" and only 31" deep. That was the main problem. Most loveseats are a standard 34" to 36" deep. Debbie and Amanda voted for the brown tweed with the white piping (too deep and too bulky). I voted for the pink loveseat from CB2 because I'm the only girl in this house and wanted a girly moment in the office. Sigh, the hubby balked. Well, let me be more clear, he gave me the silent glare/zero words. Translation: NO
Now, I've vetoed that stare before, but I sensed over-riding him on this one would have led to some serious marital woes so I kissed my pink dreams goodbye (OK, truthfully it was the perfect depth but at 68" wide, it would have been a tad cramped in the space). Sigh. Sigh. 
In the end, the navy tufted sofa won the battle of the loveseats. It was a super steal at half the price of all the others I'd considered, but I'll likely change the legs to something more fun. That's it folks. A LOT went down this week for sure. Hope everyone else is hanging in there. Lemme go poke around and see how y'all are doing.


  1. Fun and colorful cannot wait to see reveal!

  2. Love the navy sofa. This is going to be one Great Office!!!!

  3. My favurite thing in your plan is, of course, the rug, which is crazy good. Also, I really love the desk, and if it is too expensive maybe you could diy? Yes, I know I sound crazy, but it is nor that hard, I did one for my desk space in the bedroom. I had my husband do the metal legs and I ordered the wooden top. You can see it here:
    And I took your advice, I am back on the blog!:)

  4. Oh but that pink! I love it.......The one you chose is great too though and I'm sure will tie into you room beautifully! Looking forward to seeing everything come together.

  5. I will remember that, it is for inspiration not duplication. You are making yourself crazy. Take a breath, and do your thang.

  6. I just used that pink one in a client space and adore it but I have to say, the navy one you chose is just as fabulous. Loving your plan!

  7. I love your plan and I think the blue one has more staying power. Plus it is very beautiful. I think it has the chicest lines out of the four. And I know you will put everything together so beautifully that this love seat will be a star. Can't wait to see more next week.

  8. Oohhh bummer about the pink loveseat! It's so cute! But the navy one is very classic and pretty! It'll look great!

  9.! That navy tufted loveseat is fabulous! I can't wait!!!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  10. You are too funny! I am impressed that you are tackling this challenge while juggling a busy business. My house has gone to pot since I started mine almost 6 years ago! Every little thing takes forever! Can't wait to see the final reveal!


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