Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello 2015 - A Year of Purposeful Planning

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It's another year people! CANNOT believe we're in 2015. That means we've been blogging for almost four years. Where, oh where, has the time gone? 
Truth is I've missed chatting in this space on the regular, missed hearing of all your musings, your joys, triumphs, cheering you on through pain. So, among the handful of goals I've set for this year is to  spend some more time on these pages. Writing, even in the midst of chaos, still fuels my soul.
So what have we been up to?
A LOT! 2014 was our busiest year yet. The hubs and I bought a house. Renovation is never ending. My clients are all snickering at the irony! I took a selfie. Shocking. I know. There were lots of fun design projects, and a handful of challenging ones that drove us to drink an extra glass of wine every other night. Design, my lovelies, is not for the faint of heart. But who am I to complain about sipping more wine? 
In the breaking news division, we got published in a national magazine - a huge deal that still has me pinching myself. 

We tackled our first model unit....

Three vacation homes


A modern vintage bathroom 

And took part in my very first One Room Challenge which made my home office very, very happy. 

There was even a major moment for the Human Resource department aka the department led by moi. After years of swearing off interns (because we'd had too many moments of horror with past interns) I decided to give it another shot with Amanda of The Homebody Interiors and guess what? She was so amazing that we hired her. Yep, sometimes you gotta give things one more try.

Lots of changes in store for this year and we're insanely excited. I'm always trying to push myself as a designer/business owner and I'm looking forward to seeing where that push takes me this year. I'm also challenging myself to be a more purposeful planner as our first image in this post suggests, and to chatting with you more on these pages. 


  1. Exciting! Congrats on all your success. Can't wait to see what the new year brings!

  2. I saw your article at BHG and it was great! So happy for you and congratulations on it and all the wonderful projects you did! Looking forward to more in 2015!

  3. I am so proud for all your success! I can't wait to see the "awesomeness" that is set to unfold for 2015! Brap! Brap!:-)

  4. I also saw your article in BHG and, as a fellow Jamaican, had to proudly check out your blog. Your style is inspirational. Hoping to pick up some awesome tips

  5. I also saw your article in BHG and, as a fellow Jamaican, had to proudly check out your blog. Your style is inspirational. Hoping to pick up some awesome decorating tips from your blog ... Hope this posts this time! 😀

  6. Congratulations on a Great 2014 and do you know what????

  7. SUUUUCH a fabulous year sweet friend. So much beauty and inspiration. Heres to an even better 2015.


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