Saturday, February 27, 2016

How To Tackle a Bathroom Renovation and Stay Sane

We design and renovate a lot of bathrooms including this recent reveal, so figured it was time to share some quick tips to a survive what can be one of the most stressful home renovation projects to tackle.

  • Set a realistic budget. Having a $5000 budget to remodel a large master bathroom, with fancy body sprays, rain head faucets and a claw foot tub just ain't gonna happen. This seems doable on television, but remember those shows don't account for labor. Also add 10-20% to that budget for the pesky incidentals. You know, yikes there's faulty wiring everywhere and those pipes behind the walls are all rotted. 
  • Hire qualified trades. If you can't afford a designer to design and manage your project, then be sure to hire qualified and licensed trades. Go see their work and check their online reviews. Do your homework. It'll save you a lot in the long run.
  • Set a realistic schedule. A major bathroom renovation will take on average 4-6 weeks, longer if major plumbing and electrical issues are uncovered once the walls are open. Remember also that trades have other clients and can't devout every day to your project. I know, it sucks but most must have multiple clients/projects going on to be profitable. It's just the nature of the businesses so be sure to discuss the daily weekly schedule so there are no surprises.
  • Your home will be dusty after demolition. Shocking right? This should be expected, but I'm always surprised by how many clients are shocked by the amount of dust that seeps through the entire home. Plan to have at least two thorough post construction cleanings done, and to have your  air ducts cleaned when it's all done.
  • Be true to your own style. It's your home, so be sure to gain inspiration from around the Internet and social media be sure to select finishes that are reflective of your style, and not what's trending. You'll have to live this renovation for a while so be sure it's true to you.
Be sure to share some of your own renovation tips with us to keep us all sane. Have a great weekend!

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