Monday, October 24, 2016

The Well Traveled Home - The Master Bedroom Reveal

When you have the luxury of a large master bedroom, then best believe you should make it as luxurious as possible. This was our mission for our clients Shakia and Michael, whose home renovation project we’ve been chronicling here and hereWe also revealed their adjoining master bathroom here.
We needed a bedroom retreat that was high on both style and function so we got to work.
This is where we began: 
Gotta love a blank slate. 

We would need to keep the laminate floors to stay in budget but would change everything else including paint, lighting, and the mirrored closet door. It is a space large enough for three distinct zones: a space to rest, read/work, and a must have makeup space for Shakia to get all dolled up. Here's how things are looking these days.

The first thing we all fell in love with was the wallpaper. We wanted something with a distinct yet subtle pattern and texture and this navy wallpaper on a grid was the perfect find.

Shakia and Michael work overseas and shipped us several rugs to use throughout their home. They chose this stunner from the markets in Afghanistan since it pulled in the blues from the wallpaper and has one of their favorite colors, red.

We wanted dramatic lighting over the bed, with very modern lines and we think this one fit the bill perfectly.

Oh these nightstands. I fell in love with them on my visit to High Point Furniture Market this Spring and swooned at the wood/chrome legs with Lucite handles juxtaposition. It fit right in with the goal for this space - a mix of textures, colors, patterns with modern and timeless flair. 

These nightstands were also insanely practical as they're able to fit lamps, storage boxes and my favorite accessories, books!

Shakia is a girly girl, and needed a designated spot for her makeup and accessory needs. We added this mirrored console, and mirror to give her just that.
And last but not least, they needed a small work zone with a chill vibe to lounge and read as well.
My heart! My heart. I think it's safe to say this is my favorite spot in this master suite.

Our original desk/console was stolen in transit! Yes! Stolen. WTH right? Madness, I know. But this replacement was just the simple/sleek balance for these stunning chairs.

I'm all about this corner right here. A book, some good wine and all is well with the world.

Details. Details. And more details. 

And there you have it. One of the swankiest yet functional master suites we've ever designed. See below on how to score some or similar items and let us know if your favorite area in this space.
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