Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My New Love Affair - Purple. Drywall That Is.

Last month, the renovation geek in me got to spend some time learning about a well used, but so not heralded product: drywall. PURPLE® drywall to be exact.
If you've followed me over the years, then you know that renovations are the core of my design business, so I've kinda seen my share of drywall. I've also ripped out my fair share of drywall, but since I'm no DIY expert, I then hand over the baton to my trusted team of drywall guys who install endless walls of this stuff in our projects.
But I didn't know much about the PURPLE® brand of drywall made by the innovative folks at National Gypsum®. And lemme tell you, they are passionate about their products and with good reason.

Moi, soaking in that Purple knowledge
Well, it's PURPLE® so they could stand out from other drywall companies but their lineup of products also provide unparalleled resistance to moisture, mold, mildew, scratches and dents and can dramatically reduce the noise heard between rooms.
They're also fire resistant, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and made in the USA - we had an amazing tour of the factory but no pics were allowed because that PURPLE® drywall formula's gotta be protected .
But we did a have a blast as you can see from our little Boomerang video:

I did look extra snazzy in these safety goggles though!

As I'm plotting renovation projects for the rest of the year with my clients, I'm now able to share the product options offered by National Gypsum® and why they make sense for their homes.
There's PURPLE® XP® - moisture and mold resistant which can be used on walls and ceilings especially in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry, essentially anywhere where mold and mildew is a concern.
PURPLE® Hi-Abuse® XP® - Used anywhere that's prone to scratches and dents - think my son Xavier's room! plus hallways, playrooms and pretty much any place that's subject to added abuse.

Purple® Hi-Abuse® XP® versus the competition after a machine tested for scratch and dent resistance.

Then there's PURPLE® Hi-Impact® XP® - this is the product that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I tried hard to make a dent and failed. This is great for use in garages, bonus rooms, and any room that's subject to high impact and dents from hard objects.
And PURPLE® SoundBreak® XP® - Offers a superior level of noise reduction and is perfect for any room that needs some noise control such as my home office, bedroom walls, media room walls and ceilings.

Major shoutout to the DIY bloggers who I met on this campaign - Daniel of Manhattan Nest, Kim of Yellow Brick Home, Justin of Remodelaholic and Sandra of Sawdust Girl and Anitra Mecadon, coolest designer/DIY chick on any network.
Yes, they kinda kicked my butt at the DIY challenge because, duh, DIY is what they do!

Love me some Sawdust Girl! She crushed me on them drywall boards. Just crushed me.

But shoutout to the real MVP Justin of Remodelaholic. Snagged that medal like a true drywall champ!

And stay tuned for a giveaway we have coming up soon.

*While this post was sponsored by National Gypsum®, all words and details of the tour are by yours truly.

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