Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Weekend Bathroom Makeover with the Home Depot

*This post is sponsored by the Home Depot

The little man is growing so fast! He starts kindergarten next week and is excited to be among the big boy crowd. PSA: Expect a flood of tears from me as well on Monday!
So, in keeping with his big boy status, it was time to update his bathroom, the only room in the house that hadn't been gutted when we purchased this house a few years ago. You can see other home projects here here here and here
Xavier's bathroom It had been updated by the previous owner and though not exactly my taste, it was functional and I'd added some basics like a new vanity and mirror.

So when the Home Depot asked me to partner on a weekend bathroom project, his bathroom was a no-brainer.
The focus was how to make quick changes that could still add a dramatic change to a bathroom, without a major gut job.
For a full reveal of the step by step process swing by The Home Depot blog to see how easy this was. But here's a quick recap as well.
We updated all faucets including this two in one shower head that the little man now singing in the shower.

We also added these chrome faucets to the vanity as well for the win and the bling. 

In addition to changing the faucets to chrome for a more youthful look, we added a new mirror and this amazing Caprice Tweed Tile to the floors. We had zero construction dust because there was enough of a gap between his bathroom and the wood floor in the hallway to allow us to simply install on top of the existing tile for a smooth transition

We also updated all the hardware including a new double robe hook towel bar, towel ring and toilet paper holder to chrome. Quick tip: using the same size in new hardware means you can install in the same location and avoid creating new holes. 

All photos taken by RM Studio Corp

Once you've updated all the major items, have some fun styling with personal items. Xavier loves art so we added a quirky and colorful piece to his space. We also installed picture ledges as storage options for extra hand towels, toothpaste and toothbrush holders.

And that's that. Finally a fresh and fab bathroom for the little man and one he enjoys using everyday.

A special shout out to my brother Shomari who toiled way into the night to get this project completed.

*I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this bathroom program. As part of the program I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services for promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post also complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Trade Commission Guidelines.


  1. Great transformation! Beautiful tiles and love the wall color with the new chrome finishes.


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