Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Birthday Filled With Gratitude

I'm grateful for many things on this amazing day of celebration, my birthday.
The unconditional love of my son, Xavier.
My amazing husband and friend, Patrick.
My mother Joan, and her decision to remain steadfast, even as a scared teenage mother.
My mother-in-law Sonja for raising an amazing son, and loving me like the daughter she never had.My aunt Maureen who stepped in to help nurture me, and exposed me to the joys of travel and so much more. 
My grandmothers, Enid and Mavis, who inspire me to look as youthful as they do when I hit that 80-year mark.
My amazing siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles who've managed to equally drive me insane, and keep me sane over the years.
To Debbie for sharing in this fascinating blog journey.
To have have been blessed to have had Simone as a dear friend during her short stay on this earth.
And to the many other dear friends I've made during this journey of 30-plus years, your love and support have been one of the best gifts a young Jamaican girl with a dream could have ever wished for.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The journey wouldn't be half as rewarding without you.
    Have the best day, best year ever!!!
    Have a birthday shot for

    1. lol
      I had a birthday sip for you, 'cause you know you can't handle a shot. lol
      Thanks for the best wishes blog partner-in-crime!

  2. Happy Birthday, stylish lady! Hope you had a happy and memorable celebration. I am sure you will with all the wonderful people in your life!


    1. Thanks Jessie!
      Had to work on a few projects - I usually try to avoid any work on this sacred day - but I had a blast playing with the munchkin since I was able to pop in and out between projects!


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