Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Back Statement

I think when most brides finally chose their wedding dress, a huge deciding factor is the look they envision on the groom's face when they walk down the aisle.  But what is also becoming a dominant factor on making that decision is the back of the dress.  Brides - much like many of our red carpet favorites -are now making a "Back Statement", be it embellished, embossed, or just plain backless. Their dresses are picture perfect ready from any angle.

Blue Wedding Dress {Details} | Austin Wedding Blog

My pick for dress of the week.


These red carpet divas have no qualms about showcasing their backs. 


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Now, I'm all for a sexy back, especially after months of doing pull-ups, supermans, and hours of Pilates to achieve it.  But I think Granny would definitely have a mini heart attack if your dress was as low as Maria's or Hilary's....don't you?
Will you go for a simple back or will your try to make a "back statement" on your special day?

Debbie B.

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