Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy Day is Everyday for Moi...

My first Mother's Day was indeed as amazing as I could have hoped for. My little man (with the help of Daddy of course) made me a card thanking me for keeping him safe and warm for 37 weeks, and for being the best mom he could ask for. OH, THE JOY OF READING THAT CARD!  
I had a rough weekend with an epic disaster of an installation - a post on that experience is forthcoming - so it was an amazing treat to receive that homemade card, flowers from hubby, a breakfast treat of the hubbies famous waffles, and a fabulous new Michael Kors bag from Grammy and Xavi (my little man already knows one of mommy's favorite designers), and to spend the day with the people who matter the most. Thank you little man, for making me one of the happiest mommies all year long.  
Xavier rocking his favorite hat at dinner on Mother's Day. Can I tell you he is a mini celebrity? So many strangers stopped by to get his baby autograph and he loved it!

Sure I'll sign your napkin!

 Yay, mommy! I think our table is finally ready.

Cheers to all the mommies, aunties, grandmas and godmothers who celebrate the joys of loving a child all year long!


  1. Look at that handsome gentleman!!!

  2. such a cutie patootie. your fro is looking quite lush too!

    1. ha ha. My fro is nowhere near as fab as the lil man but I'm trying! Thanks lady.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jackie. He's an amazing kid. Smiles and giggles all day. Thanks too for checking out out our blog.

  4. aw, such a cutie!! happy first mother's day, nicole!

  5. Love it!! Kisses to you and Xavi!!


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