Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Vintage Tub + Modern Shower = A Swanky New Bathroom

This little gem of a guest bathroom belongs to my dearest clients Pat and Oscar B, clients whose home we have spent years renovating room by room. This bathroom once looked like this:

Sure it had been functional over the years and offered loads of storage, but after we'd tackled every other room in the house included here and here it was time to finally work some magic on this space. We had noticed issues with this bathroom long before i.e. a leak through the tile into the adjoining master bedroom, which came as no surprise when we opened the wall and discovered that the crew who had built this bathroom had been drinking up a storm on the job. A shocking yet hilarious discovery, though we are thankful they remained sober enough to complete the job. Anywho, as you can see, the challenge with this space is it's a very long bathroom (12 ft) but very narrow (5 ft). You can see peeks of the demolition here and here.


Pat had always wanted a vintage styled tub, but Oscar also wanted to maintain a shower so the challenge was merging those two requests. To accommodate both wishes, we would need to take 12" of space from the adjoining master bedroom to widen the bathroom a bit and give the tub a little elbow room.

The wave tile and accent tile, which kinda mimics the movement of bubbles, were the easiest selections made for this project! That stylish grab bar to the left serves as wash cloth holder now, but will prove more functional over the years for added ease in and out of the tub.

The shower and overflow/splashes from the tub would need to share a drain, so we decided to do this with a special integrated drain system that blended well into the tile. Since there would be no shower ledge to separate the shower doors from the rest of the bathroom floor, the floors had to be perfectly pitched so water would never seep into the adjoining space. Translation: the plumber and tile installer must work in harmony to make this a flawless installation.

We relocated the toilet to right to gain additional space for the shower, since there was plenty of room to the right to do so. Since this was a guest bathroom, we decided a 36" floating vanity would offer just enough storage for guest essentials.  

Since we replaced the original door with a pocket door (of course I did!) we now have extra room in this cozy corner for a little stool/table or for a basket for guests to toss used towels.  

Psst.  Y'all know how I feel about fake plants and flowers so of course these were removed on day one of demolition!
We also used an integrated medicine cabinet to provide additional storage within the walls, without compromising the contemporary feel of the space.

Pat is an orchid lover, so we added new matting and re-framed her original orchid prints.  

Yes, that's a television in the bathroom. Our clients love to stay connected so I think there's a television in just about every room of this house. And that's it folks. One of the most technically challenging bathrooms of my career, and one that was even more complicated as we worked through the design and plumbing challenges with my clients while they were on vacation in South Africa. But I think it's safe to say they are happy with the way our final project (well, sort of) for this home has turned out. A huge thanks to Pat and Oscar for being major supporters of NWD and we're eternally grateful for their continuous stream of referrals.  

Source Guide

Main Tile  and Accent wall USA Tile and Marble I Faucet, Tub Filler, Hand Held Shower: Ferguson | Tub: Wayfair I Artwork: Clients Original | Medicine Cabinet: Signature Hardware | Floating Vanity: Wayfair; alternative vanity:eFauets.comI Lighting: Lumens



  1. Love the write up! The before pictures always make it look so sad. Love how it is so bright and perfect as I know my mom loves a bright and clean space.

  2. It had a very modern European feel , really great!

  3. Swank style! Love that back wall treatment, something I never would have selected myself but adds so much life and light to the space! The metallic accents just brighten that space up...great use of glass and floating casegoods!

    If you have a moment, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  5. Beautiful! Just the right amount of polish without it feeling over the edge. Great job!

  6. You know I love your work, but this, this is so right up my alley!! Someone said it has an European feel, and, as am European, agree!!:))
    I love the white and black and my favourite two things here are the tub behind the glass and the floating vanity! You know I love them so!:)

  7. Looks beautiful and bright! I love how you incorporated the modern and classic fixtures.

  8. Oh, that spa look and feel are wonderful. Adore this!

  9. Best transformation ever!! What a luxurious and down right cool bathroom. I love it! You are so talented friend!

  10. Wow! This is great and so creative. love the vintage + modern mix and the colors.


  11. Has the feeling of an European wet-bathroom, but Soooooo much nicer! Beautiful way to combine all the needs and wants into one. Love the tiles especially the back accent wall (champagne bubbles)!! Beautifully done. I love your designs!!


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