Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mood Changing Colors: The Boldness of Orange and Teal

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If you've followed me over the years, then you know that orange is pretty much my favorite color and shockingly, pops up on occasion in some of our design projects. We love the bold and dramatic statement it makes and see it as a color that stands strong throughout the year, and not just for Fall. 
So we were thrilled when the folks at Chairish the leading marketplace for beautiful vintage and used furniture and home decor, asked us to share a post on color pairings we love. The request falls in line with their recent post on Color Couples along with a great infographic they created to help readers experiment with the pairing of bold color combos.

We loved the concept of course and decided to pair Orange (beloved for its energetic and happy vibe), with Teal (beloved for it's calming influence). 

The orange and blue hues create a complementary room. The room feels energetic because of the high intensity of the colors.
The two strike a perfect harmony in this bedroom design where a teal headboard with a nailhead detail creates a dramatic yet calming focal point, and the orange nightstands adds just the punch of fun energy you want to bring to the boudoir no?  

Mixing Patterns: Living room in teal, orange and white
The living room is a great place to fully embrace the dramatic influence of these two colors via this orange patterned wall, teal pattered ottoman and patterned pillows that infuse both color combos.

Orange and blue are complementary colors because they are directly accross from each other on the colors wheel. So even with brown added to this room, they still compliment each other. Color scheme for laundry room?

If you're still apprehensive about using orange in your home, then this foyer should change your mind. The dark brown wallpaper and white frames, help to soothe the brightness of the orange matted artwork.  The teal ottomans stand regal with their Greek key trim, tucked below a white foyer table which also serves as a moment of pause between the two contrasting colors. 

Below are some great selections from Chairish that will help on your journey to trying this pairing.  


**This a partnered post with Charish. However, LiveLaughDecorate received no compensation and the thoughts expressed are our own.**


  1. I love the combination of orange and teal. Great job!

  2. One of my favorite color combinations!

  3. I love turquoise and orange its always fun and fresh!!


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