Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend

Hooray, it's the freaking weekend!
So happy for that because man, have I been exhausted this week.
I get to sleep in late - aka not be up at 5 a.m. - but it'll be busy as always.
Here's a snapshot of the weekend To-Do List:
  • A consult with a potential new client that has me insanely excited.
  • Work up a punch list for this kitchen renovation project which we'll start next week.
  • Update the punch lists for the bathroom and living/dining projects that are ongoing.
  • Pack for a business trip to St. Maarten. Don't roll your eyes here. Trust me when I say I have zero fun on these trips. It is ALL work. But of course I'll squeeze in a mojito, or two. Hehe.
  • Attend the 25th wedding anniversary celebration dinner for these awesome clients.
  • And guess what? We'll finally be squeezing in some fun with a fab girls day out to this amazing musical.

  • And of course hang out with the amazing hubs and Xavier!
Can't wait.
Have a safe and fab weekend guys. What do y'all have planned?


  1. I know you say its work...but have some fun in St. Maarten! I'm glad you will get to sleep in some. ENjoy your well-deserved weekend! xx

  2. Have a great weekend! New clients are always fun.

  3. Why don't we live near each other? Would I fit in with the girls on this day out? I have more soul than the average person would think. Although, I am not a huge Jada fan. I do love her man. How do I get a job where I can go to St. Maarten? Can I pose as your old assistant?

    1. hehe. I ask that question every week! we'd have a blast and yes, you could easily fit in with us ladies any day. You don't want a job working in St. Maarten mama. But I could always use an assistant.

  4. Sounds like a full weekend! St. Maartens no fun? your kidding, just the sun and warm temps IS FUN!!!! Enjoy sleeping in, you deserve it!
    xo Nancy

  5. Have a swell weekend sister! It is raining here in I am trying to catch up on everything:)

    1. welcome back to the blogger world lady! we missed ya. sorry you had some rain. Miami was insane this weekend with a zillion events and some fab weather. Don't hate. lol

  6. How fab is this kitchen re-do going to be! It's like a black canvas! Cant wait to see what you do with it!

    Also, Thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog on Friday! Muah!

Holly Foxen Wells


    1. Thanks lady! You're on a fire. So, so proud. Gonna inbox you for deets this button swap.

  7. just squeeze me in your suitcase and I'll have all the fun.


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