Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Lil Man, Aka Our Resident Celebrity

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a celebrity in our midst! The lil man landed his first commercial last week. Yep, earned his first pay check at just 16 months - definitely will be adding that tidbit to the baby book.
The commercial is for a local hospital and will air only in South Florida, but thanks to You Tube, I'm sure I can share it someday with y'all.
Some background: Xavier has been signed to an agent since birth. Believe me, I'm no stage mom so have no clue about this world, but the hubby has been doing commercials for years and so they are with the same agency. The hubby and he chase around town on the occasional casting calls. My role? Mommy support and mommy stylist.
There was no casting call for this job, which happens on occassion. The hubs got a call that evening saying Xavier was selected by the client and needed to be on set at noon the next day. Of course I squealed when he told me this, I mean like pulled my car off the road and squealed. He'd been on a few castings before and had not been chosen, so this was major! My task: assemble an assortment of outfits, which of course I was happy to oblige.

This acting life is hard work. He had to seriously pretend to care about playing with toys. Trust me, he practiced that role all day and night, hehe. 

His favorite word these days is apple, which he says promptly everytime the phone rings because many of the learning Apps we use on the phone begin with, you guessed it, apple! There is also a chance that he called that ball an apple. I kid you not, he loves that word. 
Ok, seriously dude, how much longer do you need to hold that camera in front of me? Can a baby just play? I wanna focus on these toys man!

And it's a wrap! A huge hug from the director who marvelled at his charm.
p.s. guess who played his daddy when the actor who should have played daddy was a no show? Xavier's daddy! So proud of my two men! Can't wait 'til it airs. Trust me I'll squeal all sorts of noise, because you know, that's my little man.


  1. That's awesome! I know you're a proud mama! :D

  2. He's so cute...I better get that autograph now before he blows up...LOL
    p.s. the director is kind of a cutie too...LOL


  4. he is going to be famous because with that cute face everyone is going to want him!! Please show us the commercial once you can...I'm dying to see your superstar in action :)

  5. AWWWW sooo fun! Can't wait to see it!

  6. So precious, I see u in those engaging eyes....


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