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Designing Couples and an Election....

Happy Tuesday and most importantly, Happy Election Day! I hope everyone who was unable to do early voting, plans to cast a vote for your preferred candidate today. I think y'all know who I voted for. On this momentous day, we're thrilled to the hills to feature none other than MC and Patty from Patty's Epiphanies

Patty has been an amazing blogger bestie since we first stumbled across each other a few months ago. She is witty, charming, funny and also quick to leave a comment and send you a follow up email just to say hi. Love her and have fallen equally in love with MC, every woman's dream of a husband.Why? because he has no worries turning Patty's wishes into reality (hint, hint, to all the hubbies and boyfriends out there!) Today they share some tips on how they collaborate on projects or in layman's term, how MC turns Patty's Epiphanies into reality. 

Hi, LIVE LAUGH DECORATE readers and followers.

Nicole and Debbie have asked me, well actually MC, and me, to fill in for them today.  I actually think MC is who they really want.  I come with the package, by way of Patty's Epiphanies
They asked for a few tips on how we work together on our projects.If you don't know who we are you are in for a shock.  MC and I are in our Seventies, Yes, 70's!!!  I bet only a few of you were born when we were married 53 years ago!

MC which stands for "MASTER", Carpenter, Chef, Craftsman,Carver, Chauffeur, Computer Wiz etc.....lives by the philosophy that if he can do something, why pay someone else to do it!  And if he can't, he'll figure out how to do it! That's what Google is for. 
I started writing Patty's Epiphanies four years ago.  It all began when our Granddaughter thought I should share my out of the ordinary and wild ideas with the world!! I had no idea of the wonderful ride that was ahead of me. 
What has resulted is a Blog about my "Epiphanies" and MC bringing them to life!  Amazing.
I thought about which "Epiphany" I would share with everyone today.  Didn't take too long...I looked back to the beginning of the Blog, and found the best example to describe what occurs with MC and me!
At this time, we lived in a small condominium in Charlotte, N. C.  Just for the record, MC and I have lived in 35 homes ...to date!
It came with standard builder cabinetry in the Master Bath and the Kitchen.   After a few months...yes, I had an "Epiphany"!

Master Bath


The following is the Post with the First, and Second Epiphany, to be published on Patty's Epiphanies.

September 28, 2008



It started six weeks ago when I had the initial "epiphany". There are two
main epiphanies I'm going to talk about. First was painting the
cabinets in our master bath black. MC did his research and found he
could handle the project. The first requirement!
The cabinets are wood and were finished in a light color, and looked ordinary. Not bad,--but not great. I thought the look of the bath would be totally
improved if they were black. To improve the overall look of the
vanity area I also wanted to dress up the "Builder Look". We had a
mirror (in the warehouse) that we hung "over" the builder's mirror. The
mirror is your typical mirror that is installed over the vanity and
goes from the top of the vanity to the ceiling. The result upped the
drama to another level. We have done this effect before.


We use fishing line to hang the "second" mirror.
I love the idea of a MIRROR OVER A MIRROR. I've done it over and over in
different homes in different situations. All you need are two mirrors.
How simple! A large and a smaller one. In order for it to work, the
smaller mirror should be framed. Depending on the location and size of
the larger mirror, it could also have a frame.
When the project was finished both of us were blown away with the dramatic results. Now you don't think the story stops here do you? You should know me by now…...My mind was running so fast I couldn't stand it! You guessed it-----------------


Four days later it was done! We had to do it in sections due to space issues.  The results were unbelievable and the cost was only that of one gallon of semi gloss black paint and one gallon of primer

MC and I have been doing projects to two homes following this one..

MC and I work well together for a number of reasons. Since we are both in retirement, and neither of us enjoys golf, projects around our home allows us to enjoy each others company.  MC loves to do projects , if he feels he can do it.  He enjoys doing them.  He gets so much satisfaction out of his projects. ....and.....He is totally against paying someone else to do what he thinks he can do just as well.  With that said, here are some rules to follow when working with your significant other: 
  1. Support his Abilities....But understand his limitations
  2. "Show" enormous belief in his talents. 
  3. Praise him at every step of the project
  4. Tell him what you want, not how to do it. Stay out of the way and help ONLY IF ASKED.
  5. When finished, drown him with hugs and kisses.
  6. Let him rest. 

And there you have it, some insider secrets on how to work together with your significant other. I am very lucky to have MC in my life! Thanks Nicole and Debbie for having us visit your fun, wonderful Blog.  We enjoyed sharing our crazy lives with all your readers.

Thanks Patty and MC. I think those guiding rules will help many of us as we try to work with our significant other to get projects done. It's no easy task but Patty and MC have been married for 53 years, so I think that's proof that Patty's tips work. Be sure to check out Patty’s blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Be sure too to head out and vote! It's only one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime. 


  1. Thanks girls for asking MC and me to be a part of your GREAT Blog. We appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to meet all you wonderful followers.

    1. No thanks needed. The pleasure was ours. You guys are amazing and have sooooooooo much to share about renovations, decorating and life!

  2. They are the cutest team in the blogosphere! :) Love those tips!!

  3. Hi Nicole and Debbie - Wonderful to find you! Thanks for featuring the dynamic duo of Patty and MC: talented, resourceful, and super nice!

    Patty and MC: Thanks for sharing your projects and tips on working together! We all admire your enthusiasm and creativity!!
    Tone on Tone

    1. Thanks for stopping by Loi. I see you all the time over at Patty's. I say this as if we've been kicking it at her home. lol

  4. I love Patty and MC!! It was fun getting a peek into a past home of theirs (out of 35- wow!!) and seeing the cabinet projects- they look gorgeous with the black paint! I also love the tips about working with your significant other- #4 especially! That one I've learned is SO important!! :)

    1. Agreed. Tip number 4 is definitely my fave. I can't even understand living in 35 homes!

  5. I never heard of them, really nice tips ;)

    Nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE

    1. Merci, and thanks for stopping by and learning a bit from Patty and MC.

  6. What an amazing couple and such amazing energy! I loved the projects and most of all I love Patty's voice. Of course they are your besties!! :)

    1. They, like you, are among the besties lady! Love them and the tips are so right on target. I've witnessed some ugly spats between couples on projects. Not cool.

  7. The Granddaughter here...

    BOTH of my grandparents together make truly a unique pair! It's been a fun ride and I KNOW more is to come... watch and see!

    Thank you for asking them to guest blog... the blogging community is certainly a great place for them to find their voice and I LOVE it!

  8. Aww, what an amazing granddaughter you are! And a lucky one. Those two are gems. There definitely more to come from those two. Designing for couples is one of the hardest things so I think they could easily coin a book or two on how they've managed to survive 53 years of home renovations/designs.

  9. Wow Nicole....I joked with MC earlier....We should go ON TOUR!!!
    Thanks for all the praises ...it's been a great day and a wonderful Birthday.
    Patty and MC (of course)
    Yes. 53 years of bliss!!! :) and 35 homes.....What a ride!!!

  10. My favorite duo. I have a secret crush on MC...guess it's not a secret anymore. I have a thing for bald men...my hubs struts the look!


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