Friday, May 4, 2012

One Order of Sunshine Please?

We had some crappy weather here in South Florida for almost two weeks. We had a slight break last Saturday evening, so Nikki, Sophia, Sandra and I took advantage of the opportunity to head over to Pubbelly for a Girl's Night Out. If you are ever in Miami and LOVE pork belly, you have to give them a try. The pork belly was AMAZING!

I can't wait to go back.  So after that Top Chef dining experience, I invited myself to brunch at Yardbird (another one of Miami's awesome restaurants) on Sunday with Nikki and the fam. Sadly, the rain had other plans and the highly anticipated outing was postponed. 
Since the rainy weather has messed with my plans, I decided to find some inspiration from the West Coast. I think we all could use a healthy dose of  sunshine right now and that's exactly what designer Emily Summer's California desert retreat offers, and then some.  

Images Via

Her design really lets the sunshine in and brings the outdoors in. 
Did it give you that pick me you needed for the weekend? 
I think I'm also clairvoyant because the sun appeared late this week and will be around all weekend. Hooray for that. Here's to an amazing weekend.


  1. this is becoming one of my favorite blogs.. love the tips...

  2. Love your blog guys and the changes you have made makes it easy to read and follow all the other stuff happening... Good stuff Nikki and as for that Pubbelly Restaurant, just know you have to take me there when next I am in South Florida :)

  3. Thanks Renaissance Man! Glad you're finding the blog easier to navigate. Yep, Pubbelly it is when next you're in town. Just give me a heads up.

  4. When is our next pubbelly date???

  5. I hear a certain designer/blogger is having a birthday this week, and that porkbelly, with a candle on top, is a must have!


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