Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Choose A Seat....Not A Side

I became a certified wedding planner in the summer of 2010 and have been thrilled to the hills to have planned a few weddings since then. But nothing stops me cold in the planning process than when a bride and groom asks that guests be seated on separate sides during the ceremony, and sometimes during the reception. Whoa...

Printable Signs - Reserved for Bride's Side and Groom's Side
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The Groom's Side
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To each his own, but here's my official stance: a wedding is a union between not just the bride and groom, but between the two families as well, so why the Berlin wall when it comes to seating? Isn't this the time to mix and mingle and get to know each other? And what better way to do that than by having the families sit together as they watch their loved ones say "I Do".

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Did you have separate seating for guests at your wedding? Will you when you get married? Have you been asked to pick a side at a wedding and how did you feel? We'd love to hear your take.


  1. Depends on the wedding. Personally, if I know both families, a "no seating plan" plan is nice. However, if I don't know the couple or a side of the family that well, I find it uncomfortable to sit with the side that I don't know and welcome being told on which side to sit on.
    I have found it fun, however, when they mix up the assigned seating at the tables at the reception, so friends and family from both sides can meet and greet.

  2. I don't like to talk to strangers. Just kidding!
    Personally, it depends on the kind of wedding. If I know both sides I don't mind the lack of "bride's side" or "groom's side." But, if it's a wedding where I don't know the couple that well, I want to sit with who I know. Especially since I cry at every wedding. Even the ones on TV.
    I do like a mix of of both sides at reception tables, so that friends and family from either side can meet and greet.
    That being said, the ceremony is about the bride and groom, so we as guests should really just sit back, on either side, and focus on the couple's moment.


    Look at the one that I make and sell, save you trouble! :)

  4. Nice. Will definitely remember that one for our next wedding.

  5. The wedding is the platform for uniting family and friends of the couple. Choosing what "side" of the venue you will sit on to "support" the person who invited you is out of date. I recently attended a wedding in which an older couple asked, "Which side is the bride's?" I sort of chuckled and said, "the entire church, since it's HER day!" They ended up laughing with me and simply sat down. Choose a seat and not a side!

    1. Truer words have never been spoken. Sure that couple met a lot more fun and interested folks by sitting "wherever"! Thanks too for stopping by


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