Friday, June 1, 2012

The City Of Lights

Whoa...this week just flew by...not that I'm complaining mind you. But as much as I love a three day weekend, the rest of the week seems so crammed and rushed. Well at least I have this weekend to try and catch up and daydream about living in the City of Lights.

I'm not sure where this strong sense of Francophilia comes from, but I would just about die to live in Paris for a summer...who am I fooling? Nothing short of a year would do. Can I tell you, I'm SUPER jealous that Nikki went to Paris for her 30th birthday some years ago...don't worry Niks, I wont say how many years ago...LOL

Source: via Lerelé on Pinterest

I imagine parking my bike just outside my apartment window...goodbye I-95, goodbye Turnpike...yes Nikki I know I don't drive on highways...LOL....but you get the drift. I don't care where the apartment is located as long as it's somewhere in Paris...with a cafe in walking distance..wait...aren't they all near cafes?

The living room would be perfect for cozying up and listening to my French Rosetta Stone Cd's....hey..gotta learn to bargain in French at the flea markets....right? Plus big enough to have impromptu Holly Golightlyesque parties with my new Parisian friends.

The bedroom should be the ultimate haven where I can just pass out after spending hours shopping around the city.

And as a bonus, it should have gorgeous spaces for just staring
Apartment Images Via

Now, I'm not sure that when I get to Paris I will be fortunate enough to even visit much less stay at any of these lust worthy apartments, but as Lyman Frank Baum said..."and the dreams you dare to dream really do come true,"
so who knows.

Where do you dream of visiting or even staying for a year?  Does Paris top that list?

Have an amazing weekend.

Debbie. B


  1. Wait until you see the south! Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins. More relaxed but just as beautiful! But if I had a year (and an unlimited budget) it would be Barcelona!

  2. what you're saying is that a year definitely wont cut it? I'm thinking maybe 3's a tough life but someone has got to do it...LOL. Pero Próxima Parada Barcelona!!!!!


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