Monday, June 4, 2012

Purple Days

Happy Monday guys. I hope you all had a great weekend...
But GREAT SCOTT BATMAN!!! I can't believe it's June.Where the heck did half of the year go? Pretty soon they'll be playing Christmas songs on the radio...
Anyways, to mark the mid-year milestone, I've decided to pay homage to one of my all time favorite colors:Purple.
I've always had a weakness for purple. In high school I was OBSESSED with it. I had posters of Prince - the artist formally none as Prince, or whatever he's calling himself these days - purple was his color of choice too. I had a purple knapsack and a purple Trapper Keeper - major shout out to you if you know what that is. And yes, I probably just dated myself but I digress.
The grown up me still loves purple. It's an elegant and lush color, so much so that even a hint of it adds panache to any room.  

marfair: Skonahem - I love this combination of purple and yellow, rustic and modern.


Purple and gold home office | Home office colours | Feature walls | Housetohome


Opulent dining room wall display | Dining room designs | Sideboards | Image | Housetohome

Do you see purple as a color that represents elegance? Or does it just scream Barney - Purple Dinosaur?


  1. Purple is sooo my favorite color! I see this and think oh how I would love to make my downstairs bedroom purple...

    1. I know. Went through a purple phase years ago - my master bedroom. And caught the purple bug again two years ago. Gotta love it.


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