Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Fake the Flowers....

Okay. It's been a hot minute. I know. But I have a LOT going on as usual and then the lil munchkin got a nasty cold and I've just been beside myself with the mommy worries. I cried, I really did. He's doing better and is almost back to his cheery self. Yay! And now yours truly has apparently caught said cold. The joys.

So since he's up and about, zipping around the house in his souped-up walker and babbling once again, and since it's Wednesday, I figured I'd throw on my event planner hat and let you in on a little secret: I detest fake flowers. And when I say detest, I mean DETEST. Hate to see em. Period.
Now, this has become a thorny issue on more than one occasion with a client or two. I fight tooth and nails to eradicate them from their lives, and I will not install fake flowers under any circumstance. (I do suspect that some clients reinstall the ones I remove once I'm no longer around to see em..)
I understand that some can look pretty real, and I get that they don't need water or sunshine, and will probably outlive you and your grandchildren. But to me, there's nothing better than seeing fresh cut flowers in a home or as a centerpiece. They bring tremendous joy to your life. I promise you. So why fake the funk with these?

When you could have these? 

Are you fake flower enthusiast? Or on team real? Lemme know. I'm serious. Holla, holla, holla.


  1. I am sorry you are. It feeling well...but look how happy your cutie-pie is! Ok, I do own one arrangement of not exactly real hydrangeas. Other than that, I am real all the way. I guess I am like that housewife that says "I am 98% real".

  2. Hey lady. Thanks. Hate having a cold. uugh. But will soldier on.
    hehe re: the not exactly real hydrangeas. Hehe..98% real is acceptable around here.

  3. Fake flowers are GROSS! And they collect dust! A nice compromise, I think, are flowering houseplants. Maybe a nice orchid plant that can live inside?

  4. Yes maam. That is a great compromise. Loves me some orchids but I must admit that I'm horrible at being able to see em bloom a second time. No green thumb around here. Blessings to the orchid enthusiasts I know who often rescue my sorry looking buds and bring em back for a second, third....bloom. Amen.

  5. What a cutie! Hope you feel better soon.
    Yeah, I'm not into fake flowers either. That's why I love orchids, but I do get impatient for them to bloom again. Most of the time I just enjoy the greenery of houseplants.

    1. Hey Jessica,
      Thanks for popping by. Thanks too re: my lil cutie. Loves that kid.
      Love some orchids and houseplants as well.
      p.s. you need to post that Design Star post on HGTV's FB. It's a riot, and so freaking on point!

  6. Haha team real. They will last a while and always look better than the fake.


    1. That's right. Team real all the way! Thanks for stopping by.


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