Thursday, August 30, 2012

Solange Knowles And My Old Stomping Ground: Brooklyn

Not sure when this happened, but at some point over the years, Solange Knowles, baby sister to uber star Beyonce Knowles, stopped living in the shadows of her older sister and started to get noticed.
A singer/actress in her own right, the notoriety came from something else: Solange being Solange.
Naturalistas embraced her wholeheartedly when she chopped off her hair and started rocking a fab afro. Then she started making the best dressed list all over the country. We're not surprised that her Brooklyn apartment (yes, I said Brooklyn) featured in this month's issue of Elle magazine, is equally amazing. Bohemian chic. A fun, flirty place where her parties have become legendary.
So today we head to Brooklyn - my old stomping ground - to check out Solange's pad and some of my favorite Brooklyn haunts.

Ms. Knowles, chatting it up with friends while chilling in her too chic living room. Fun art, juxtaposed next to a well tailored sofa in a solid grey. The coffee table steals the show in this room. Heck of a statement that tree slab makes.   
Okay, for real, son Julez is as cute as a button and clearly fearless. But look at the simplicity and beauty of that room? Simple bedding and curtains strike the right balance with the bold textures of the pouf and rug. Er, that skirt is also to die for. I could design an entire room around that.

So, I see that black and white photo by Malick Sidibé, and I really just wanna dance. What a fun and simple piece of art that really sets the mood. And the pops of color from her Madewell blouse and Pierre Hardy shoes, sets the fun vibe for any party. Ditto for the eclectic table setting from Anthropologie.

Now, once you've gotten your party on with Ms. Knowles, there are some really fun places/things to do in the BK. And if you're there this weekend, then you better not miss the West Indian Day Parade.

Prospect Park Source
Brooklyn Bridge Source
Coney Island Source
Brooklyn Museum Source
Habana Outpost Source

 Dekalb Market

Source: via Camille on Pinterest   Brooklyn Terrace at Aloft Hotel

Hope you guys enjoyed our little trip to Brooklyn, a place I called home for many, many years. Have a great Labor Day weekend. 


  1. My entire family came from Brooklyn. I started my life on 7410 Ridge Blvd, in Bay Ridge. So, so many fond memories of those days.....and the Bums...those fabulous, frustrating Brooklyn Dodgers!!!
    Other than bringing me back to my youth.....I have to tell you that I LOVE that coffee table!

  2. Solange is so cute, she has me wishing I could sport a fro, but I already know I'm not cool enough for that, haha. Didn't know Brookyln had an Aloft hotel. I've only ever been to NYC (for one day) but I love Aloft! Now I know where to stay when I go!

  3. This was awesome! ANd can you believe I had no idea who she was? I'm not the best at keeping up with celebrities. Loved her and her apartment. Brooklyn rocks, have always loved it. I love the botanical garden and the museum especially.

  4. Hey ladies. TGIF! Glad to see so much love for my Brooklyn and Ms. Solange. She has really come into her own. And Brooklyn is finally getting the respect it's due. Miss that place - just don't miss the weather!

  5. OK, that skirt that you love, only looks great if you can get those legs with it. Seriously, both sisters have amazing legs. Her decorating style is worth copying.

  6. Great post and wonderful photos. I love the eclectic look in her home's decor from her art to the Anthropologie touches. A warm but sophisticated look. Paradigm Gallery

  7. Lovely and comfortably sophisticated the art and Anthropologie touches as well.
    The photos really captured the joy and charm of the neighborhood....


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