Friday, May 17, 2013

Go Girl, It's Your Birthday!

Age is a funny thing.....
The older I get, the less concerned I've become with celebrating each birthday with a big bang of a celebration.
I've learned to savor the moment, to dance in the wind if you will, to just revel in the awesomeness of being alive to see another year.
In truth, I'm just happy as punch to be in good health, to be a new mommy, a relatively new wife, and to have lived long enough to learn how to surround myself with true friends.
This year I'll gather a group of those close friends for a dinner celebration to toast to those simple things.  


Source: via Glaci on Pinterest

Of course, since it's a freaking birthday celebration, some cake will be had...

Thank you all for welcoming me into your lives - albeit virtually. 
It's been quite a year and I'm truly blessed. 
Happy birthday too to all my Taurus peeps. You guys rock.
P.S. Some lucky peeps will win these giveaway items tonight. 
I'll announce the winners on Monday. 
Have a great weekend y'all, or as we'd say in Jamaica, walk good.


  1. And as you, with the years the less concerned I've become with celebrating each birthday ...
    But anyway I wish you a Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!!!!!

    GIVEAWAY for my Blog Anniversary ladies ;)

  2. Happy birthday! A gathering with friends sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Enjoy

  3. Happy Birthday Girl! As I get older, I feel the same way! But one thing doesn't change. You have to have CAKE! Enjoy!

  4. I was trying to visit yesterday, but was so very busy! Happy belated birthday darling!! I know you' re celebrating into the weekend so enjoy!! Muah:-)

  5. Happy Birthday Weekend! If you have your health, you have everything. Your life is full and blessed, what more could a person want? Cheers!

  6. aww happy birthday!
    best wishes!

  7. happy birthday! hope it was a great one, and that plenty of delicious cake was had! cheers

  8. I hope your birthday was wonderful!! And that you were pampered accordingly :)

  9. Happy belated birthday! Catching up on my blog reading so I'm super late! But I hope you had a beautiful one with friends and family :)

    1. Thanks lady. Thought about u as I watched House hunters the other night. Hope all is well in DC


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