Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scones, Mimosas and a Garden Party It Is.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one suffering from a little weekend cabin fever. I mean, it has rained consistently two weekends in a row and if the steady rainfall this week is any indication of what the weather Gods have in store, we are surely doomed. 
But hey, it's hump day, which means we're halfway to the weekend and my bucket full of optimism tells me there will be plenty of sunshine and a chance to plan/dream up a fab soiree. This time I'm thinking of the garden. I envision a day kicked off with a fabulously delicious brunch.... 

Source: via Stacy on Pinterest

..and of course, no brunch is complete without an endless supply of mimosas.

Despite the rain sometimes being a downer, I must acknowledge that a great advantage about living in South Florida, is the chance to be able to use outdoor furniture year round...whether contemporary or eclectic or a mish-mash of everything in between.
But a garden party aint no garden party without a bit of croquet and bocce ball tossed in.
Source: via Fiona on Pinterest
And the only way to top the day off would be to relax with your favorite cocktail while watching Titanic for the 100th time..under the stars.


Since I live a townhouse, and the only patch of grass is the one that runs parallel to sidewalk, a garden party might just be wishful thinking on my part. I won't turn down an invite though...and since I never drive on the highways (it's a long, long story), all I need is enough drive-time notice for me to make it there on time.

How do you treat yourself after suffering from weather induced cabin fever?

Debbie B.


  1. This sounds ridiculously amazing right about now. If only I had the space as well!

  2. Any activity involving a Mimosa is my ideal ;) And gosh, I haven't played croquet in it. It was always my grandma and I. I love all these inspiring shots....I want to watch a movie like this is my backyard....but the mosquitoes would eat me alive. Thanks for the escape. I needed it.

  3. When I get a house with a big back yard I'll be having me an outdoor movie night or two. Cannot wait!


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