Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daycare, the Munchkin and My Inevitable Tears

The 'lil man is growing up. Fast. 
I started this blog when he was just three months old! Next week, he'll be a month shy of his first birthday soiree and my head is still spinning. 
So in the midst of working a day job, running the biz and blogging, I've also been scurrying around town with the hubs searching for a daycare center. 
We'd been blessed for months to have my husband's mom with us. She had committed to shuttle back and forth from DC until he was a year-old, but we started to feel guilty when we realized everyone at the airport knew her by name!
Plus, we felt it was just time for him to spend some time around other kids and get ready for the world. 
We spent weeks searching and coming face-to-face with the insane prices of childcare. Er, Montessori, I love thee but we'd have to rob the bank to send Xavier. Sigh. In the end, we settled on a cute and cozy bilingual center. Raising a kid in Miami definitely requires some Espanol and besides, the kid changes the channel to a Spanish-speaking one all the time. I kid you not. Monday was the day.

In honor of his first day, he opted for a tie. The kid is a fashionisto.

He claimed his high chair right away at the center and started to scope out the scene. Hmm, lots of kids and new faces mom. I likes.

Really mom? Can you stop kissing me and cuddling up so close in front of all these girls? You're messing up my flow. I took the hint.
And cried all the way to work and at work! I was a hot, hot, mess! Apologies again to all my colleagues who had to deal with my tears every time they asked an innocent question. I'll do better today. I promise.To all you lovely parents/grandparents, please tell me this gets easier?


  1. He's going to be the best dressed there...HANDS DOWN...LOL

  2. what a cutie!! Its always harder for the mom. This is good for them...they learn to share and play, follow directions....all important for growing up nicely. Once you see how happy he is and how much he is learning you will be happy and relieved he is in good hands. Chin up

  3. OMG your baby is seriously adorable! I wouldn't want to leave that little face either! I don't have any kids but I do have niece and nephews and the socialization is so good for them.

  4. I love the fact that he's attending a bilingual daycare, super smart move! Xavier and i will start having conversations in Spanish pretty soon!


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