Friday, April 12, 2013

Trading Spaces - Wacky Designs of Hildi Santo-Thomas

Trading Spaces!
I remember this show all so well and watched it religiously.
But do you remember Hildi?

Ah, Hildi. She quickly became the villain of design television. I remember hating Hildi's designs so much that it hurt. She is a genius designer, but her penchant for putting design over function and for flatly ignoring her clients wishes just made me bananas. Not to mention the homeowners! Many cringed when they learned Hildi was involved in their project. But she made for great television and I'm pretty sure her shenanigans made Trading Spaces a ratings bonanza during its heyday.
So of course when Buzz Feed unearthed these priceless Hildi rooms I had to share. Brace yourselves.
Yep, Hildi worked her way into the design by leaving behind a little art - of herself!

I think it's safe to say y'all know how I feel about fake flowers. So fake flowers multiplied by a 1000? Nuff said.

Like everyone else, I love the beach. But sand in my house and circus color stripes? I can't even see straight after looking at this one.   

Lord Jezus it's a floating table. And chairs. WTH?

Let them eat hay! Yep, walls filled with hay, in a home with small children no less.  This bat crazy decision got so testy that the homeowners threatened a lawsuit. The production company settled out of court with the homeowners to have this mess removed and their home redone.
Did you watch Trading Spaces? Do you remember Hildi and her shenanigans?
If nothing else, it was a riot. And Hildi certainly made a name for herself. She lives in Paris and remains pretty well known. 
All hay aside, I did enjoy the show and do recall falling hopelessly in love with Vern Yip's designs and was happy to see him grow and move on up to HGTV.
TGIF guys!
Thanks for all the kind words on our family room reveal this week. You guys rock!
Shout-out to all my Instragram junkies. That thing is truly addictive.
And a major shout-out to all our new clients, and the ones waiting patiently for us to squeeze them in. We are blessed.
Have a fab weekend.


  1. OH do I remember her rooms....
    How could anyone who saw them...ever forget?

    It has been interesting see some of the "old" bunch show up here and there....Some have become great successes, like Vern and Genevieve !

  2. I need to watch some of these design I have no idea who this lady is but....Whhhhaaaaatttt is she doing? Why was she even allowed in the show! How embarrassing!! Have a wonderful weekend!!xx

  3. Yes, I used to watch that show religiously and no comment about Hildi... Happy weekend!

  4. OH MY GOSH THIS SHOW! I used to watch it all the time. These rooms. Hildi. I had almost forgotten.

  5. Hahaha, you bet I remember her. I felt so bad for the family who had her working in their home. I also remember her because she is an upholsterer by trade...I think?

  6. Those reveals were always THEE best lol! I bet TLC had to shell out so much money to redesign people's houses after she got done with her tomfoolery.


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