Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pink Meets Purple in Our Kids Room Reveal

One of the most challenging projects we tackled this year, was designing a bedroom for two little girls. WTH you say? I know. How hard can it be to design a room for two little girls? Well my lovelies, this was the mother of awkward rooms. The culprit? These windows.

Sure, someone thought they were a fun architectural detail when they built this home, but those weird angles would prove quite a challenge. The main issue? I needed to fit two twin beds with two headboards. The likely choice would have been this wall, the only one without a window or a closet.

But this wall also happens to be the one into which the bedroom door opens, and, listen closely my lovelies, walking right smack into a bed when you enter a room should never, ever be an option.
The only space the beds could fit comfortably was under the window. But having two custom headboards there would also mean we could not install curtains - the headboards would be affixed to the wall. After many, many, weeks of back and forth with my client, we decided to embrace the windows and highlight them with a custom valance and wooden blinds. 
Here we are with the end result:  

The little ladies wanted all things pink and purple and by golly, their wish was my command. 
Designing around twin beds, will often mean a shared nightstand which is just fine. These two get to share this cute one and an equally fun lamp.

Both girls not only have their own beds, they also have a cozy place to sit and read under that awkward window. 

Since storage is always a key factor to consider when designing a kid's space, the window bench also has storage baskets, there's loads of storage in the Ikea Expedit shelving system that does double duty as a dresser.

There's more storage/seating in the ottomans at the foot of both beds. 
Those ottomans were a bargain find at Target, but we customized the covers with the pink fabric we used for the headboard buttons, and throw pillows.
And of course, what little girl's room would be complete without a sparkling chandelier?

Not only was my client sick of seeing toys everywhere in the main home, she also wanted to be sure the girls would have a space in their room to do homework and arts and crafts. With this layout, we had enough room just left of the new window seat, for a desk long enough to fit two little learners.

The desk, shelving and storage buckets are from Ikea.

The ghost chairs were a perfect pairing for just a little bit of grown up glam. I added custom decals with their initials so they always know which chair is theirs - if ya have kids, you know how much that word "mine" gets tossed around. 

The artwork are original pieces done by the girls and are quite possibly my favorite element in this room. Such a personal touch and something they'll be able to look at for years to come.
Okay, whoa, let's talk about these closet doors........

My client has a special disdain for bi-fold doors and this meant these doors would have to go. To again maximize every inch of space and surface, we settled on sliding wooden doors which we customized with magnetic, chalkboard and whiteboard paint. If you follow me on Instagram, I think you know that Shaggy and I have since sworn off doing these paint applications! Those doors needed a few zillion coats of paint. It was a beast. But the girls now have another surface to safely scribble and draw away to their hearts content.

Last but not least, a growth chart. This was a must do request, so I'm just happy we could find an untouched surface to apply it to. I think it's safe to say we used every inch of space in this room.

As always, all photos were taken by Shaggy of Circle Ten Media. 
That's all folks. Not a surface under-utilized! And still some room to play. Would love to hear your thoughts and how you/if you've ever talked little girls into using other paint colors - besides pinks and purples- in their rooms. I lose that battle. Always.
PS. So freaking excited about tonight's return of Scandal aka my network television crack addiction! Gonna need lots of wine to make it through this nail-biter of a show. 
PPS. If Scandal is my TV crack, then the One Room Challenge is my online design series crack. Linda's makeover challenge returned this week with lots of new twists and turns. Go forth and see who's playing. This season, anyone can link up their projects as well. Loves me some ORC.  

Shopping Source Guide

Headboard/Custom valance and bed skirt: Titan Decor
Fabric for all custom pieces: Designer Discount Fabric
Expedit shelving system, shelves, desk, picture frames: Ikea 
Chandelier: Nicole White Designs Store
Growth Chart: Etsy 
Storage Ottoman (discontinued but here's a similar option): Target
Window seating: Overstock
Nightstand: Overstock
Lucite Chairs: Lexington Modern
Customized decals on chairs: Etsy 
Lamp Base: Target 
Lamp Shade: HomeGoods 


  1. soooo cute!! lucky girls, I want this! lol and yesss to scandal tonight - can't wait!

  2. This room is super cute and very functional - great job! I'm in love with the chandelier...and yes, I can't wait for the return of Scandal tonight!!!!

  3. What lucky little girls! I def think you made this space work the best it could. So many fun details in this room!

  4. WOW! As a little girl this would have been a perfect room for me because my favorite colors were also pink and purple. I like purple now more than pink but the point would have been made! LOL

  5. Aaaaah! Fabulous!!!! Love the desk are the most - chic and kid-friendly! What you did with the windows and the beds is magic! Amazing job again ladies!

  6. This was so good!! I always love your reveals they are so exciting. Loved the solutions you provided to everything....this is a precious room. Lucky girls! I especially loved the ghost chairs with their initials (you think of everything), and the chalkboard closet door. Plus your writing is so it. BTW you should do one Linda' sORC! It would be amazing....or least link up! oh and you asked if I read paperbacks or kindle.....not kndle or ipads...can't do it...hate it....I need the real deal. xx

  7. You know how to rock the pink and purple. That window valance is brilliant. OK, did you watch Scandal? I want to chat about it, but if you fell asleep I don't want to ruin it. Thanks for the shout out and link love.

  8. So, are they in pink and purple heaven?! Must be. My favorite part by far are their little customized ghost chairs!

  9. OH MY!! I love all the pink and purple! What an adorable room! They should feel special everytime they walk in, right along with mommy!:)

  10. Too cute! I think my fav element of the room are the customized Ghost chairs. That idea can definitely be used in an adult space too.

  11. I love that you gave them wall space to be creative with the chalkboard and whiteboard application on the new closet doors! I am a huge fan of kids having creative outlet, so although it was a pain in the butt re the gazillion applications you had to do, it's so worth it!:-) Definitely also loved that you used their artwork on the walls and you made that window a feature! Superb! Love everything my friend!


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