Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Kitchen Renovation That Sold a Home

This kitchen once belonged to one of our favorite clients. After five years of discussing and dreaming up this kitchen design we renovated it earlier this year and then guess what? They decided to sell their home. Of course all our hearts ached, but they have since moved into a much larger and rather beautiful home and we'll be renovating that kitchen as well.

I did a horrible job and failed to take real before photos so these few images are all we have to show how far the kitchen had come. But I think y'all get the picture? Dated cabinets, an unnecessary bulkhead and so much more. I did post a few pics to Instagram as well here and here and yes, my client even chipped in on demo day. 

Goodbye and hello.

We updated to white shaker style cabinets, white quartz countertops, then added some contrast with glass tiles for the backsplash. 

The existing gas range and dishwasher were in great shape so those remained but a new refrigerator and hood were purchased.

New sink, simple faucet and a nice view made this little corner a cozy place to stand and peek outside while doing the dishes.

We removed the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room and created a small seating area. For added contrast, the lower cabinets here were done in a cinnamon colored shaker style finish.

This area also housed a wine cooler and added storage for wines and glassware.

 An awkward door once separated the laundry room from the kitchen and while we often prefer to keep the laundry room separate, it just made for easier flow to remove the door and add similar cabinets and countertops above the washer and dryer for folding and sorting laundry.

And that's it folks. Our very first kitchen renovation of the year and we've been told that the kitchen sealed the deal for the new owners. Hip, hip, hooray for that. 
It's been a year of the kitchens, and we'll have more reveals to show over the next few months.
Sorry to be so MIA over here but we've just been slammed with projects, which of course is a wonderful blessing.  I'll be catching up on my blog reading this weekend to see how y'all have been doing.Cheers to a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. I love it!! My fave part is the wooden cabinets and those chairs!! I dream of adding two bar stools like that for my bar area!:)

  2. Love the job you did on that Kitchen. Can't wait to see what you do to their new one.

  3. Love Love Love........This is the color palette I want for my kitchen but he hubby refuses since he renovated like 7 years back. Anyhoo let see if this comment makes it

  4. Looks amazing! I love that you included a wine cooler and storage. Oh, and the backsplash is my favorite part! I enjoy seeing your project updates. Keep em coming!

  5. Great job ladies, I can see how that made all the difference!!

  6. such an amazing renovation! Of course it sold the home! I can't wait to see the new kitchen of the new house!

  7. Beautiful! Don't you hate it when you forget to take before photos? I do all the time because I get so excited because I jump right into the project!

  8. Looks fantastic, ladies! That previous yellow is terrifying. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

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