Monday, October 23, 2017

Xavier Gets a Big Boy Bedroom Via City Furniture

The little man turns six this weekend - cue my bucket of tears!
So how fitting it is that I was able to revamp his bedroom as an early birthday present in partnership with the folks from City Furniture
I've used City Furniture for many projects over the years including this and this because they have insanely good collections at an affordable price.
However I'd never used anything from their kid's collection so was excited to learn they'd revamped their kids offerings, with some insanely stylish options.

I chose the full size bed from the Ryder collection and the grey dresser from the same collection. Mixing colors from the same collection is always a fun option, and one you can easily get away with especially when designing for kids. 

Be sure to infuse your child's personality throughout his or her space. All of Xavier's favorite things are on display here: bowling, travel, Roblox, reading, soccer, saving, personal art and his love of fashion via hats and ties etc 

The beauty of this room makeover is that his bedroom had seemingly been made for this collection. I painted his room myself when we purchased this home in 2014. 

These store bought curtains in white and navy inspired my choice of the Ryder bed in Navy.

This before photo shows his old bed with Teenage Mutant Ninja bedding. It is a  is a cherished memory since it's the day he decided to carry out his very own science experiment - with powder !
God bless that memory but he's happy as punch with his newly updated bedroom. 

His new headboard allows him to sit up in bed and practice his reading, plus snuggle with his favorites - Fluffy, Mr. Sonic and Mickey. PS, I tried to give these away since I thought he was now such a big boy, but he was mortified and placed them on the bed himself. 

The brass hardware on the Ryder dresser is a surprisingly stylish feature for a kids collection and one of my favorite elements in the room. This is his first dresser and he's been excited to have drawers for all his clothing. And there you have it, a stylish yet playful bedroom for my growing little man and a room that's both fun and functional and one he'll enjoy growing up in.

I acknowledge that City Furniture is partnering with me to participate in this bedroom makeover. As part of the program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services for promoting City Furniture. However all expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post also complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Trade Commission Guidelines.    

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