Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Guest Bathroom Swooning - With Shiplap, Black and Gold


This year we've had some pretty amazing clients find us via IG and this family is one of them. They first contacted us in February, asking for help with their Davie home. They are pretty design savvy and had made good progress, but  they'd hit a design wall and had simply run out of steam.
We've been working together ever since then in what has been a very collaborative process. We recently completed their kitchen, laundry room and this guest bathroom/powder room.
Here's where we started.

Of course we had the usual builder grade items, including this not so fabulous vanity.

As you can see from the floorplan, this is not your usual 5x8 bathroom. We had a narrow space for the vanity and a long but narrow shower as well.

We pitched two design plans, both with this vanity in the starring role. We then had options for shiplap or a tiled wall behind the vanity. Our clients selected the shiplap option since we also did the nearby laundry room in shiplap and it would offer some connectivity to the spaces. 

With high ceilings - almost 10 feet. We wanted to go bold with the vanity of course since it would get major use from everyone who visits. She's quite the stunner, especially against the shiplap backdrop. The high ceilings also meant we could go with a pendant, instead of a sconce, since we'd have plenty of clearance. 

Be still my heart with the gold hardware! This vanity also has two functioning drawers to store loads of toiletries for guests, with space below for a basket of extra items if needed. 

With high ceilings, a taller mirror is also key and that isn't always easy to find but we scored this one from Pottery Barn teens - though our clients had a tad of a marital disagreement on this choice. Let's just say, a wife always knows best! 

Of course the shower needed some love too!

We know brass and gold are styling these days but not like this!

Yes, yes, yes! Even a skinny shower can make a statement! A black rainhead faucet, and tile trim are a nod to the black pendant by the vanity. 

We also ran the white floor tile through to the shower floor, white porcelain tiles on two of the walls and then did a pretty stunning stone on the focal wall - we had just enough to do the laundry room as well whose reveal is coming up next so brace yourselves!

And that's it folks. One styling-ass bathroom if I may say so myself! And one guests will enjoy spending just a few extra minutes in. 
What's your favorite element in this renovation? Post a comment below and share pics of your own bathroom renovations that posed a challenge.

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