Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Laundry Room That'll Make You Teal With Envy

In my dreams I have a laundry room as fabulous as this, in which I sip wine all day and wash endless loads of laundry. I even fold, the most dreaded laundry task of all time. Alas, this very room belongs to our Davie, Florida clients whose guest bathroom we revealed here earlier this week. 

This is where we started. Pretty much the standard utility room vibe that plagues most laundry rooms. Since our clients are way too cool to be doing laundry like this, it was time for some major leveling up of that space. 

We wanted bold floors, a vibrant cabinet color, black finishes and shiplap walls. 

First up for installation were these dramatic floor tiles.

Then came some shiplap walls because Joanna Gaines has made shiplap a must have for everyone on the planet and we love her for that. Here are our guys installing the shiplap a few months ago. 

Our clients also did not want that typical lower level transition you see in most laundry rooms because the sink height and washer/dryer height aren't the same (36" standard counter height versus 39" for washer/dryer) so the sink is slightly higher than standard to achieve a seamless countertop. PS this countertop is the remember from the guest bathroom shower wall.

Fun fact: we disagreed a bit about the color of the cabinet hardware. Our clients wanted black. We wanted brown leather with some chrome. In the end, we settled on this amazing compromise #winninghandles

Even though we removed a lot of upper cabinet storage, we still have more than enough for laundry needs, plus a place to hang delicates.

Black on black. My new faves in sinks and faucets for sure. 

And that's all folks. Now I'm off to go do some laundry in my very own not so fabulous laundry room :(

( laundry cabinet hardware photo )
( laundry photo showing teal cabinets)

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