Monday, March 12, 2018

A Wine Lounge That'll Make You Green With Envy

One of the joys about being an interior designer, is designing to the specific taste of each client. This happens when you listen carefully, and pay close attention to a client's style and needs. And so, when we first met our client Stephanie, whose kitchen we revealed here last week, we knew she had major style and was open to the unconventional aka a green velvet sofa!
But, in the most serendipitous discovery, we learned that she is also in the wine business via Plum - be still our wine loving hearts! She wanted to create a wine lounge in her very own home where copious amounts of wine could be poured without schlepping back and forth to her kitchen - even as fabulous as it now is :) 

So here's where we started. Stephanie hated the floors so we tackled those first with an upgrade to a white/grey porcelain tile. We loved the molding detail so those would stay for sure, but some fresh paint was sorely needed so we painted all walls and molding in Olympus White
The biggest challenge of course was how to include a large wine refrigerator and her Plum machine without making the space feel like an extension of the kitchen.

 A custom wine bar would be the way to go but oh my word, the details on this gave us some sleepless nights. But in the most shocking development, the black we first chose for the unit, Inkwell by Sherwin Williams had a deep blue undertone which we all missed until it was too late. This was some next level agony because it meant dismantling the entire piece (it includes quartz countertops) and having it repainted with the magical black we now love, Tricorn BlackA painful and pricey fix, that had to be done because black was a major part of the room's color story. The lesson learned - not all blacks look alike!

Oh, lord those cabinet pulls gave us new life! Talk about a scene-stealer. 

Anywho, with that saga behind us we could finally breathe easy and soak in the other design details of this lounge. 

Ummm, like these black and gold chairs! So sassy and sexy it hurts! Still glam, but definitely a great way to add some masculine balance for Stephanie's hubby, Arad.  

But let's get back to that green velvet sofa! When we pitched it and she agreed, we knew we would have a stunner of a space. 

 A space to be loved the most by Dexter, her pomeranian who strutted around like the boss of the domain - that was until brother Theodore came along. 

Here's some more behind the scenes intelligence: we had chosen a very stunning black and white coffee table for this design. But it went out of stock permanently, causing tears all around. But oh what a blessing! Because we definitely needed this wooden table to bring some warmth and balance out the  green, black and gold elements. Lesson number two: sometimes you gotta lose something you love to find what was really meant for you. 

And there you have it folks. Our very first wine lounge and one we are insanely proud of! Major shout out to our style queen Amanda of The Homebody Interiors for working her magic, to Joseph of Miami HomeCrafters for the custom wine bar and smiling through the debacle and our photographer Ricardo of RMS Studio for these amazing pics. 

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End Table, or this Awesome brass accent option

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