Sunday, August 18, 2019

Our Wine Lovers Kitchen Transformation

A year ago an amazing couple, Florence and Arveen, reached out to us to completely rip apart their house so it could finally  become the home they'd always envisioned. They offered wine at our consultation so of course I was like, ummmm sureeee thing! A LOT has happened since that meeting.
They moved out for six months so we could gut it all. We sadly discovered that their underground plumbing was rotted and had to be replaced at a hefty price - for extensive behind the scenes details of this project see our #nwdprojectwinelovers highlights on Instagram. This was painful but there are often unexpected expenses in renovation projects so we often encourage clients to set aside a contingency fund for these kind of surprises.
Any who, let's take a look at last at how far they've come and we are happy to report they are back home and living their best lives in their newly transformed home. Let's goooooooooooooo. Here where we started with the kitchen:

The kitchen was hidden behind this wall and was a dark maze once you entered. 

We removed the wall and relocated the cooking to the opposite wall. The ceiling fan was also removed because🙄

The sink location stayed in place but we did raise and replace the window to longer have a pass through from the window to the back patio. 

Holy demolition! Yes, this was a major renovation which mean loads of electrical rewiring once we removed the walls. But it was worth it. Here's why. 

Cooking now happens in this bright and sun-filled zone via an induction cooktop with loads of storage below and a microwave/oven combo on the left. 

This backsplash and pot filler stole the show at their recent birthday/housewarming celebration. I even did a "how to use the pot filler demo." Good times. This backsplash choice was also the MOST agonizing decision. The original plan was for a quartz slab backsplash but the plumber nightmare we mentioned meant we had to make some budget changes and this was one of them. But man what a happy budget decision that ending up being! This tile is available in multiple colors and we were all divided: Florence and my team loved the white, I loved the green and black and Arveen loved the black. Black for the win and man it's a stunner.  

This kitchen is as high on function as it is on style! Brass and black finishes make bold statements with the pendants, pot filler, faucet and bar stools. And the green velvet! The icing on the cake and another moment where Florence stepped way out of her comfort zone. 

This breakfast zone was next! And it's come a looooooooooong way. 

 This is now the refrigerator and coffee station zone. This is next to the family room and made sense when deciding how best to lay out this angled kitchen. 

We removed the archway to the family room and added a beam instead for the modern farmhouse feel Florence wanted and to serve as a great transition to that space. 

The kitchen sink stayed in the location which always saves on plumbing. But as mentioned we raised the window, continued our backsplash and floating shelves since we have loads of storage in the island we just didn't need additional upper cabinets in this area. 

Open shelves are a great place to store everyday dishes and to accessories with personal memorabilia and cookbooks. I also try to keep them far away from the cooking area to avoid the inevitable grease build up. 

And that's it folks. Another major level kitchen renovation and one that's proudly being used everyday so cheers to that!

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