Wednesday, October 2, 2019

New Office, Who This! One Room Challenge Featured Designer - Week 1

Lord help me guys, but here I am, jumping into one of the most intense design challenges of all time - the One Room Challenge. Moi and 19 other designers have been selected to transform a room or rooms in our homes (or clients homes) from top to bottom in six weeks. Sure, that sounds like a LOT of time but with all the other madness we have going on it'll be a tight rush to the finish line. But the former reporter in me lives for the deadline pressure so let's do. 
Here's the tea: Five years ago I jumped into the ORC as a guest participant to transform our dining room into my home office. It was a hot ghetto mess when we bought our home. I needed a dedicated space to work from and it's been an amazing place where a lot of design magic has been created. 

But fast forward five years, and with new members on the team, there have been as many as four people working in this tiny space. As much as we've tried to make it work, it's become painfully clear that we needed to spread our wings and get a bigger space. And since I don't see the need to rent an office space, a room in a my house would once again be the target. This time around we'll be transforming the current shared living/dining rooms into our office/dining lounge. This means the space will function by day as our much larger office space to work without bumping elbows where we can finally have enough space to review plans and the gazillion samples we pull together for client presentations. But by night - okay, mostly on weekends and when friends come over - this must also feel nothing like an office but very much a dining room/lounge. Tall order right? 
Well, it'll take some clever storage to hide the office stuff, and fun design elements to unify the spaces but we live for a challenge. Oh, but wait? What will I do no now with our existing office? It'll become my true mom cave, a hideout space for me to relax, read and rejuvenate my soul after a long day. 
Now obviously, we've loved this space and it is everything my color-loving heart wanted when I first designed it. But it's gone through some updates over the years (it was including in our recent HGTV feature and obviously looked magazine ready) but here's what it looks like now, aka in real life: 

Yes, that's a vanity sitting in the middle of the room because, designer life. 

Yes, those are my slippers because again, designer/mom life. This little area is what I've claimed over the last few months as my mom cave.  

Here's the plan: 

An oversized dining table, skinny sofa for lounging because it'll also be a lounge, two wine refrigerators because if you know me well then you I kinda love me some wine and my friends are salivating to come over in six weeks and get their wine drinking one, a coffee bar because I love coffee as much as I love wine and of course a stunning storage solution to hide all the office gear but showcase some cool accessories and mementos with pops of color.  

Check in every Wednesday morning to see our progress and follow along with me via Instagram as always to see all the behind the scenes shenanigans as we try to pull this one off. 
Thanks to the amazing ORC creator Linda for creating this great event that's transformed so may spaces over the years and pushed so many creatives to focus on a room and get it done! 
And to our amazing sponsors who are helping to make this room possible: Loloi Rugs, The Tile Shop, Varaluz, Home Pop, Zephyr, Legrand and Minted
I'm especially excited to be among such a talented and diverse group of other designers and bloggers. Now go see what they are all are up to. Be warned, the ORC is like design caffeine, you'll devour a lot over the next six weeks and you'll become addicted, but you'll be so much happier and inspired because of it. 

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