Wednesday, October 9, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019: Week 2 - Demo Days Are the Best Days

Its week two of the One Room Challenge and the emphasis has been on the word challenge!
Here's the tea: After weeks of a lingering respiratory issue, I landed in the emergency room on Monday after doctors saw some abnormalities on an EKG. 

How many more needles? 

Yes, I always have a measuring tape. Yes, I was in a hospital bed and measuring to decide what size custom pillows would be best for my ORC challenge. #judgeme
After multiple tests, loads of blood work they thankfully found no heart worries or pneumonia, which was the concern. But my asthma, developed in my 30s, is definitely here to stay and I need to do a better job to keep it under control. This is no easy feat, when renovations are kinda the mainstay of my business. This will mean wearing a mask always on job sites, including my own house! Aka, job site central for the ORC. 
So let's talk about what's been happening at said casa. You can get a refresher on my overall plans here. This week we demolished the wall under my staircase where we plan to build our official coffee station. 

Prep work is the name of the game. Cover floors and plastic off areas as much as possible.

Hidden storage under the stairway. 

It's been a catch-all closet for backpacks, suitcases but I'm always down to putting some respect on any hidden space hence the new plan. 

All demolished. Sorry walls. 

Xavier, Roy and Debbie admiring the demolition madness. 

Our electricians completed all the wiring needed and made a million holes much to the eternal dismay of our drywall guy Roy who has been working hard to finish framing and drywall work since he's headed out of town for a few days. 

We have so many holes in our walls as we ran new outlets and switches Xavier yelled, what is happening to our house mom😩

And in true, "ya never know what you'll discover when you demo", we found mold in our dining room wall. The culprit? Water getting through a brand new impact window that clearly wasn’t installed properly but passed inspection 🤬
But there was also A LOT of good stuff as we inch our way to a new office/dining lounge. 
Deliveries have been pouring in:
We just finalized the custom details for our Jonathan Louis sofa and Fabricut fabric and trim for our window treatments. But yikes we are still missing a few pieces like dining chairs and a table so ummmm pray for us as we try to get these finalized this week. Now lets go see how all the other designers/bloggers are doing. 

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