Thursday, October 17, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019: Week 3 - Dancing Ceilings and White Walls

It's week three of the  One Room Challenge and the pressure is on like donkey Kong! The half-way mark for the ORC, like most renovation projects, is a strange one because it's where you're waiting on deliveries and custom work to be done so progress can seem as slow as molasses. To get a refresher on what we have planned, you can read all the details here and here
But hooray for some more progress. We installed this Minted mural by Ashleigh Ninos  on our new office/dining lounge ceiling and lord, oh lord, if it didn't feel like Christmas in October. 

The prep work is key for installing wallpaper and murals. I also always leave this to the professionals. Nothing worse than trying to install these and ending up with glue all over yourself and ruining the paper. So my rule of thumb, get a professional installer if ya can. 

Thanks so much to the team at The Wallpaper Station for getting this done!
We have some  fun stuff planned for the walls and ceiling and had to decide on a stain finish. Many agonizing hours later, and plenty of rolling eye emojis from our installer, we have a winner. 

Okay, we kept you in the dark about our paint choice all week so drum roll please......we decided to go with all white walls since we will have pops of color everywhere including a hella orange sofa. I chose ultra pure white by our official paint sponsor Behr Marquee because it is truly a pure white. No shades of anything else and that was my goal. 

We might be close to the home stretch but it's not over until the last pillow is chopped so we still finalizing items like a stunning tray from Jill Rosenwald, Emtek door handles for our custom built-in, Legrand Adorne wall outlets and switches, and we just had to get more of this stunning tile from The Tile Shop  That's all folks. Of course you can always follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes details and click this image in our highlights. 

Now go check how all the other designers/bloggers are doing. 

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