Thursday, October 24, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019: Week 4 - Da Pressure. Send Help. Send Wine.

These custom black and brass tuxedo sconces from Blue Print Lighting, taking a selfie with our custom wood wall paneling. 

Happy week 4 of the One Room Challenge, the week where all participants wonder why in the name of Jesus we all thought this was a good idea. So here's the tea: the design plans for our new home office/dining lounge has impacted all the rooms on the first floor. This means my house is a real hot mess with furniture/art stacked in hallways and kitchen, and there are delivery boxes everywhere since the guys are using the garage to work on the custom wall and ceiling details. Poor Xavier has been rolling his eyes every day wondering when will this crazy lady end this madness and return our home to it's normal state. 

Me cheesin because I'm finally seeing the rust color of our custom Jonathan Louis sofa. Obsessed!
Have I mentioned that I also abandoned the chaos to head to Highpoint Market - see the HPMK highlight on my Instagram page where I spoke on two panels, spent one day shopping with a client, toured the amazing showroom of our sofa sponsor, Jonathan Louis and the rest of my time hanging out with some really amazing design friends and soaking up loads of inspiration to get our projects elevated for 2020. Haha, yes, me and my clones have been busy. Okay, despite the chaos, there is indeed a plan which you can read about here, here and here

So let's see what's been popping. We've had some hiccups but we've also made some progress. The wood paneling for the walls have been installed. The ones for the ceiling have been a challenge because we are doing three sides and have to turn the pieces on an angle. Our installer has had to get creative because each strip of wood we are using and staining, is 8 ft. The plan was to miter the edges on a 45 degree angle but it wasn't working so instead he's staggering the pieces for them to connect on a 90 degree angle which Gloribell, our senior designer, sketched on the fly to make sure he understood. 

How to design on post it notes. A workshop coming to you soon!

Second workshop: how to connect wood on a 90 degree angle in Nicole's garage. 

Our biggest hiccup has been our wallpaper installation. Our installers used glue for the installation not realizing this was a peel and stick paper from our Minted sponsor. As you can see the edges started to come loose. This was a tough reminder to never assume (we rarely use peel and stick options) and our guys are under a lot of pressure from moi plus their other clients so a key detail was overlooked. We've had to remove the entire mural, re-skim, sand and prime the ceiling to prepare to peel and stick the mural tomorrow. You see why wine is a staple in my diet? Anyway, luckily this could be remedied in time but definitely a hard lesson learned and a reminder to pay attention to the details - all details. 

In other news, key items also got delivered this week like these tuxedo sconces from Blue Print Lighting that made my heart skip a beat and our custom throw pillows from Jonathan Louis

 This stunning fabric and trim from Fabricut were right on time to head to our workroom team because #pressure. 

Obsessed with these cabinet pulls from Emtek. 

Believe it or not this is just half the paint order from our paint sponsor Behr.
Reminder the new office/dining lounge location has forced me to also transform the existing office space. 

Our switch game went from zero to a hundred with this delivery from Legrand 

  • The Tile Shop once again came through with more of this stunning tile for our coffee bar because math is not our super power :(

Lastly, our amazing sponsors have really been more than generous and answered our pleas for extra items. 
  • We finally found our dining room chairs and scored an amazing fabric from Fabricut to cover the seats. 
  • Minted answered our plea for additional art for our gallery wall
So the pressure is real go see how all the other designers/bloggers are holding it together...

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