Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Renovation Filled With Old World Charm - Part Two

Yay. Here we are finally sharing part two as promised of this project we completed earlier this year. In addition to transforming the living and dining rooms, we updated the guest bathroom and master bedroom.


The guest bathroom was pretty in pink, and yes I know, it was loaded with major vintage charm, but our clients simply couldn't embrace the pink or the awkward features like a door that opened right up against the tub. PS that tub is the real deal and weighed maybe a 1000 pounds. This home is in Miami Shores, one of Miami's most desired neighborhood, but with older homes that also often means very small bathrooms, bedrooms and closets.

We decided to pay homage to the bathroom's vintage charm by starting things off with an updated subway tile in champagne, gold mirror, patterned tile, and brass and black sconces (the sconces went on back order so we shifted gears and went with white and gold sconces instead.

We replaced the pedestal sink with a vanity with storage, a critical requirement in a bathroom that will get heavy usage from family and friends who will visit often.

Door opening into tub? Not cool. We re-oriented the door to open to the left, instead of into the tub as it had previously. We also added a glass panel, instead of a bulky shower curtain, to give the illusion of a larger space.

 And yes, it's okay to mix metals. We do it all the time. Chrome faucet, chrome vanity hardware, gold mirror and sconces.

The master bathroom was already renovated when our clients purchased their home, but the bedroom was in need of some style wattage. It's a pretty small bedroom for a master (the norm with older homes in this neighborhood) but that didn't mean we couldn't make it large with style. 

We wanted an accent wall with wallpaper to add some fun, texture and charm. We needed slender nightstands which meant not much room for bedside lamps, so wall sconces were the perfect solution. 

If you read the previous post, you will know that Brie is the scene stealer though she did share the limelight with Amanda in this pic.  

Though slender, the nightstands have ample storage with two drawers and can fit a basket below to toss reading material and some of Brie's toys.We chose one with a pop of color to add a color to room's neutral tones. 
And there you have it. A full peek at the very first renovation project we started this year. Thanks again to our awesome clients, Laura, Kyle and Brie. They were such a joy to work with and we can't wait to tackle future projects with them.

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Vanity: Similar here or here
Sconce: Similar here or here
Mirror: Similar here or here 
Wall Tiles: Home Depot; similar here
Faucet: Home Depot; similar here 

Master Bedroom
Bed: Similar here or here
Night Stands: Similar here or here
Bedding: Target; similar here 
Sconce: Similar here or here 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Renovation Filled with Old World Charm, and a Pup Who Stole Our Hearts...

This adorable pup Brie, and living room, belongs to the very first clients to contact us this year. Literally. They emailed me on January 1, in desperate need of a design/renovation team to make their new home move-in ready by mid-February. 
Yikes for a tight deadline. But if you've followed us over the years you know we love that kinda pressure..
This is where we started. Try to ignore our clients Kyle and Laura and moi (I'd sprained my ankle just days before this consultation).....

They had purchased a charming older home in Miami Shores, one of Miami's most coveted neighborhoods, and needed some urgent changes: refinish and paint all the walls (old plastered walls, which have a very rough unfinished texture, are common in these homes),  renovate a guest bathroom and add new furnishings for the main rooms and master bedroom. 
  Here's what they have today...The hardwood floors were already in great shape so we designed the rooms to pay homage to the rich tones of the wood. We also lighted all the walls with an off white color.

We chose an apartment sized sofa to offer great seating without overwhelming the living room. The curved lines of the sofa also added a soft touch, a demure nod to the home's charm. And the navy blue pillows added a subtle dose of color. Let's just say that this kinda became Brie's favorite spot...

A small end table offers a resting place for a few books from our clients extensive collection. I think Brie is also impressed with the autographed baseball. 

Posted up and waiting for her parents to see the reveal for themselves.

Yes! There are real fireplaces in some Miami homes. This one had lots of charm. But we added some new tiles around the surround and added a fresh coat of paint.

To the left of the fireplace, is a small area perfect for a small breakfast nook area (the kitchen is directly across from this area). These were custom with blue velvet fabric and brass nailheads for added detail. A small table with a marble top completed the area. We opted to leave this window bare since there was enough foliage outside for privacy. 

It allows great light to filter in as our clients enjoy some morning coffee, tea or mangoes.

With no formal dining room, but a need to have a dedicated space for large family dinners, we chose a narrow yet sizable walnut dining table to fit snugly in this area. Selecting the perfect dining chairs was a challenge and was the one decision that proved the most debatable for our clients, who made all other decisions with record breaking speed..

We used their existing art for this gallery wall. 

This built-in niche area was a strange corner with some old doors, with no clearly defined purpose. We removed the doors, added some molding detail on the shelves to showcase some more books and mementos they'd collected over the years. We also added wine racks to keep wine flowing freely as they entertained.

We styled the dining table with our clients old vintage coke bottles, and some mercury simple yet fun candle sticks.

All photos by Mark of Sublime Photos
We paid our final homage to Brie with this ceramic French Bulldog Amanda scored as we shopped for accessories. We also used more books from their  collection, and a wedding photo, to add the most personal of touches.
Let me just say, we've been blessed with amazing clients over the years but working with Laura and Kyle was akin to hitting the client lottery. They are as sweet, thoughtful, patient and kind as could be in a process that can sometimes be insanely stressful, especially when living through the dust and chaos of a renovation project. They have an especially warm spot for our contractor Roy, because he took such great care of Brie each day as he worked. Let's just say it was a very emotional day when he had to say goodbye. A huge thanks again to our clients for trusting us to transform this charming home. We'll reveal the master bedroom and guest bathroom next. Brace yourselves.

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Blue High Back chairs: Similar here, here or for an industrial vibe here
Small Table: Similar here, here or here
Cowhide rug: Similar here, here or here
Dining Table: Similar here or here
Dining Chairs: Similar here, here or here
Chandelier: Similar here, here or here
Sofa: Similar here, here or leather version here
Area Rug: Similar here, here or here
Entry Table: Similar here, here or here
End Table: Similar here, here or here

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feeling Floral, Flirty and Fun.

adhesive hooks
I'm pretty much an all black or white wearing kinda girl, with a splash of color here and there. But this summer I fell in love with a floral jacket, and boy, did those florals have me singing and loving all things floral, flirty and fun.
Poesie Mural by Brewster Home Fashions on @HauteLook
Just saw Shawn Colvin's gorgeous home featured on HGTV's "Celebrities at Home"; loved every inch. This post is by Ryann Ford Photography
Home Decor Ideas #ideas #decor
This is a good idea for a wall mural

Floral wallpaper, throw pillows, bathroom tiles? Who knew! Are you feeling this floral trend? Or do you like your florals in the live form only, in a vase filled with water? Holla at your girl. And by the way, Happy Freaking Hump Day!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Major League Upgrade to a Living and Family Room

We've been MIA because we're still swooning over the master bedroom suite reveal we did in May for the clients of this very home.

When we first visited almost a year ago, we discovered a beautiful home, with interesting architectural details that had been furnished with the bare essentials. Sneakers as decorative items? Check! Sofas facing each other instead of the TV? Check.

A sectional was the perfect fit for comfort and practicality in this family room. Since the room is exceptionally linear, the sectional's placement allowed us to add a second seating zone behind it for visitors who wanted to watch what's happening, while having a more intimate chat in the middle of all the action.  Our client, a professional athlete and his young family, travel a lot so we gave a nod to that with the stacked suitcase/chest between the two accent chairs and with various accessories throughout.

The walls, already a perfect shade of grey, needed some warmth, so we chose a rust color for the custom drapery panels.

Directly across from the family room is the formal living room/gentleman's lounge which also needed some love and affection. 

I lobbied hard for this mammoth leather chesterfield sofa and was so happy they agreed as it totally steals the show. 

Well, so too do those accent chairs with the leather strap arms, which by the way, weigh a ton. 

We wanted to maintain the natural light that streams through this large window and door, so kept a minimalist approach for the custom panels with sheer curtains on a track that helps to filter the light and add just enough privacy when pulled.

The X-leg benches add visual weight to the space when placed next to the coffee and also serve as additional seating that's easy to move around wherever needed.

We cozied up the faux fireplace with candles, decorative twigs/logs and added a hint of glam-swagger (yes, I just made that up) with two oversized leaning mirrors.

All photos by Mark of Sublime Photos

The view from above. We'll eventually add a dramatic chandelier and some custom art or wallpaper above the fireplace in the next phase of this project and work on the wetbar that's next to this lounge. 'Til then, I think we definitely brought some grown and sexy vibe to this lounge. We'll reveal the dining room and entryway next. Yes, I promise it won't take us two months to do so!

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Family Room

Living Room

Tufted Sofa, here or here (fabric option)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Luxe Master Bedroom Retreat

This uber luxurious master bedroom retreat belongs to one of our favorite clients of all time. A young couple who called us for help to rescue them from their design woes. Brace yourself. It was a doozy.

With a professional athlete as half of this duo, their home was already a thing of beauty to behold. Expansive rooms, with soaring detailed ceilings and rich hardwood floors it had great bones. But the master bedroom, like the entire home, was overwhelming for the couple to tackle on their own and they needed a major design rescue to bring it to life. 

Our first order of business was to make this a sexy master retreat that reflected their love of modern glam yet. I knew right away that a padded headboard wall would be a great focal feature to make a bold statement. We went back and forth about the various design possibilities and technical details to make the headboard, and finally settled on this design using multiple squares from floor to ceiling. 

This gold leaf light fixture was our second major decision and it caused us soooo much anxiety as it went into back order status for months. Alas, good things come to those who wait. It kinda made us sing when it was finally installed. 

I'm a firm believer in having chairs or a sofa in a bedroom if space allows. The bed is for sleeping and other shenanigans. Plus folks will always wanna see your master bedroom and they should never have to sit on your bed. Ever. This sofa therefore was insanely practical for seating those random visitors, watching television (not shown) and for sitting to pack for travel, which is often the case for this couple.

We used chests, instead of traditional nightstands, which would have been too small and out of scale for this large space. It's a great alternative that offers loads of storage. We loved the fun detail of these rings/handles that suggests twelve small drawers but alas, there are only three drawers. The squares and color of the chest also mimic our headboard. Details, details. We design with intention around here. 

Since I'm also a fan of mixed metals, we suggested gold lighting and accessories to play off the many shades of grey throughout the design. A small tray holds jewelry and other knickknacks. Since they are a couple of a faith, a bible is also a mainstay on their nightstand. 

The adjoining room was an empty and lonely space when I first visited. 

There are glass doors leading to a balcony so the challenge was to create a seating space with enough room to access that balcony. A cozy seating area to chat and catch up on the days events, or read a book while sipping a glass of wine made sense.

We mimicked the window treatments from the other side of the bedroom to connect the two spaces and continued with greys, gold and off whites.

We mixed high and low throughout the project as well. Custom window treatments were balanced with budget-friendly finds like the rug, mirrors and these gold end tables.

All photos by Sublime Photos.
 We took several months to work on this project and that's what made it such a treat. Good design takes time. Our clients had an exhaustive travel schedule, and a newborn to boot, but were patient, understanding of shipping and other unforeseen delays, and allowed us a lot of autonomy. Once we settled on our overall design plan, selected  fabrics and the design for the headboard, we were left to own devices i.e. we did not need approval for anything else. 
I cannot stress how important it is to trust your design team once you've agreed to hire them, to see your vision through. It will always, always lead to better results. Trust me on this.
In a rare moment, I was also on site for their reveal and this was after an exhaustive and grueling two days of installing the master bedroom, playroom, living and family room and powder room, the majority of which was completed a week before Christmas. I was near comatose when they arrived that night, and my feet were about to stage a major revolt, but it was well worth it to see their shock turn into tears of joy when they stepped inside. The shell of a home they'd purchased months before, had finally become their home. And that my friends, was a happy sight to see.
Whew. That's all folks. We'll reveal the living, dining and family rooms next week.
P.S. Thanks for putting up with our slacker of a blog schedule these days. As you know, I'm at writer at heart and by training and I truly enjoy sharing what's cooking with us. But since our schedule has gotten insane, it's just easier to post quick updates over on Instagram - like hello, we have a new intern and Xavier is almost 10 feet tall - and save the detailed reveals for here. 
Wherever, and however you stay in touch, just know we are grateful for your unending love and support.

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