Thursday, July 17, 2014

Designing Clients - A Pink Influenced Tablescape

I love it when a client embraces their newly designed space and continues to collect items that reflect their personality. You know, the client who switches things up a bit for a new season, or just because. 
Such is the case with our fab client Meagan, aka MsGlamSugar, whose home we designed here and here.
When I first met Meagan, it was clear she had some amazing style. I even asked her why the hell she called me for help? But thankfully she did and I've been happy to not just help turn up the glamor in her home, but we've fast morphed from client/designer to become good friends. 
So I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw how fun and fab she'd recently styled her dining room table. Hello, she had me at hot pink place mats.
This is how we left things back in December. 

Some serious black and gold glam, if I may say so myself. But to add some color for the summer she recently styled her table like this:Displaying photo 2.JPG A blue and white runner adds a hint of coastal flair but the setting remains glam with gold chargers, black and white plates and candle holders in different shapes and finishes.
Love the gold-dipped vase? Ms. Meagan is a little DIY diva. She followed an amazing tutorial from the blog TwoTwentyOne
She scores extra points by adding fresh flowers to said vase. Y'all know how I feel about fake flowers. A huge, HELL no.  

Layers, mixed patterns and textures are key to a great table setting and Meagan nailed that here layering pink, gold, and black and white. She's also a bargain hunter.
The runner she found at HomeGoods on clearance for under $10. I sourced the gold candle holders and candles from HomeGoods as well. The glass candle holders are from the Hobby Lobby and were just $3.50. The napkin rings were a $1. Sidebar - Hobby Lobby is new to South Florida and Meagan and I are both shocked that we'd never heard of them until recently - another fab client Janeka alerted me over on IG a few weeks ago. I have yet to go because when I do, I foresee loading up with a gazillion items and I need to make room in my garage (I can't believe I now have a garage!) to hoard it all. 

And there you have it. A colorful, classic and fun tablescape for a very glamorous client done by said glamorous client. She did her thing and made me proud.
If you've been rocking out your tablescape for the summer or for any season or reason, feel free to share a pic or tag me on Instagram and I may just feature it here on the blog. Holla. Holla. Holla. Thanks again for sharing Meagan!

Source Guide

Gold chargers, black and white plates: ZGallerie | Blue and white runner, pink place mats and gold candle holders: HomeGoods | Napkin rings, glass candle holders and napkin rings: HobbyLobby

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Renovation Realities

One of the best renovation prep articles I've ever read was featured on Houzz last year. It may hold the record for the feature with the most comments, and with good reason.
I've honestly wanted to print it, laminate and hand to every client who signs on for a major renovation - myself included.
Renovations are a beast, that will test your tolerance for all things. You'll live with dust - everywhere and in every crevice - no matter how many times you clean. You'll get testy with your spouse or significant other, and with your designer and contractor, as the never-ending site of workers, drywall, plastic covers, blue tape and ladders will just annoy the hell out of you. You may shed a tear or two. And chances are you'll be near broke when it's all done. Faulty wiring, rotted pipes, mold are often exposed once walls start coming down. This will mean hefty changes to the planned budget and oh, there may plenty of other hidden nightmares afloat to tax your bank account. Brace yoself.
We've been renovating our own home since May and have experienced every thing mentioned in that Houzz feature. And this ain't my first show at the renovation rodeo. We're making progress as you can see here, here, here and here
But I may have shed a tear, or two. 
I'm taking my own advice to clients - stay focused because when it's all done, you won't remember the renovation pains. It's akin to giving birth. The morning sickness and labor pains are a distant memory once you fall in love with your newborn aka your home.

The very dated kitchen of one of our favorite clients.

The very updated kitchen of one of our favorite clients. We completed this project in 2012.

The point? Before it gets pretty it gets VERY ugly so hunker down and prepare yourself, and trust that your designer and or contractor are often doing as best as they can to see your project through. No one gains when a project drags on and on. How have you prepared for a renovation? Any successful stories to share or tips? We'd love to hear. 
I'll also start a series soon on my own renovation, so you can journey along to see all the changes. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Hollywood Reveal - The Master Bedroom

Hey peeps! It's been a rough week with some major challenges, but since this master bedroom brings back some great memories, I thought it would be time to finally share this reveal.
The bedroom belongs to our dearest clients Karen and Carl, whose winter home project we've shared here, here, and here. I also shared a sneak peek on Instagram a few months ago.

Oh, who's that dude? Just a cameo appearance by our amazing window treatment genius, Hernando of Titan Decor.  
Unlike the living and dining room where we had to design from top to bottom, our clients had already purchased this white leather bed, nightstands and dresser before calling me in for some assistance. The pieces had the contemporary lines that they both wanted so they were a great starting point for the design plan. But no great design plan would work with these ceilings and off centered ceiling fan, so we refinished and painted the ceiling and centered a new ceiling fan above the bed. 

Inspired by Pantone's color of the year - radiant orchid - Karen loves purple as well and wanted to embrace it in this space. Purple is a strong color, so it's balanced with a neutral paint color on the other walls and through many layers of neutrals throughout the room. 

Confession: this wasn't the rug we first purchased. I thought the original had various shades of grey when we purchased it online but it was very black when it arrived (win some, lose some when you shop online but I was able to use that rug in another project). Anywho, I'd seen a lighter version of this rug someplace and couldn't get it out of my head so was happy as punch to stumble across it on HSN (my first time using that source) and it was the perfect pairing. 

Karen had a pub table with two chairs in this corner but we relocated it to the kitchen and replaced it with this chaise, a cozier place for some reading.

Orchids are Karen's favorite flowers. We ordered these prints online and had them framed locally. I loved the natural wood of this slat bench and think it adds a bit of the outdoors to the space.

The already stunning dresser just needed some accessories, scored at our fave HomeGoods. But it was this gold and silver mirror that absolutely stole my heart, functional and stylish all wrapped into one.
All photos by Circle Ten Media
There you have it. A master bedroom that showcases how to live and sleep harmoniously with a color as strong as purple.  Have you used purple in your home or a client's space? What's your take on this bold shade? Holla. And happy Throw Back Thursday!

Source Guide
Leather bed and dresser: Scan Design | Bench: Overstock | Rug: HSN | Lamps: |Leather Chaise: | Gold and Silver Mirror: | Dresser accessories: HomeGoods | Industrial Task Lamp: West Elm | Martini Side Table: West Elm | Slat Bench: Overstock | Orchid Prints: | Bedding: Target
| XoXo Fabric for throw pillows: Designer Discount Fabric

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Cute staggering of letters
Via Pinterest 
It's July! How and where did the months go? Anywho, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that the hubby and I finally bought a house and the little man now has a huge back yard to run around in. Yay. Alas, it's a major fixer-upper so we're now living in renovation hell. Since we won't be entertaining anytime soon, here's some 4th of July decor inspiration I'm swooning over that should hopefully inspire y'all do entertain in style this weekend. Yes, I plan to live vicariously through y'all, so do entertain well.I'm envisioning yellow straws and circle for a Golden Birthday Party coming up this Fall - 31 Creative Ideas for July 4th Decorations via Tip Junkie
Via Pinterest

Set out these mason jar sippy cups at your 4th party.
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Spray paint old lanterns to create a patriotic centerpiece! More easy 4th of July decorations:
via Pinterest

Sprinkle-Stripe Cake. More Easy 4th of July Decorations:
Via Pinterest

Love those hurricane lanterns as centerpieces and those mason jar covers! 
What's your favorite 4th of July decor tip? 
 Cheers to a happy holiday weekend to all.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Hollywood Reveal - Dining Room

Happy Hump Day peeps. We're way deep in the rainy season here in Florida which means torrential downpours every afternoon. I've gotten used to it over the years so I try to hit the streets early and be done before mother nature unleashes her daily shower.
Any who, this dining room from our Hollywood Reveal project brings sunshine to my life every time I think about it.

We revealed the adjoining living room here and the powder room here, so you know it too needed some love and affection. We started with green walls and this dated light fixture. My client Karen had purchased this fab buffet but it looked a little sad in the dining room so we relocated it to the foyer
We painted the walls the same color as the living room and decided to add this metallic paper weave wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries, which we first revealed here for some shimmer. 

A round dining table was the best option for the space and we finally settled this beauty with a ridges on its base, from Scan Design. The table will get heavy use as well for playing games so it needed to be beautiful, yet functional and sturdy enough to withstand some heavy duty card playing. 
The white leather chairs were definitely a splurge but my client couldn't get them out of her mind after first seeing them. The arms are wrapped with wood which means they'll withstand the card-playing nights and dinner soirees.
The drum pendant was another love at first sight moment for Karen. Our first order got lost in a black hole but thankfully we were able to find from another source who shipped immediately. 

We wrestled a bit with a new buffet for the dining room but finally settled on this x-leg base beauty from Madison Seating.

Every sideboard needs a few accessories. These simple black lamps from Home Goods were just perfect. Ditto the candle holders from West Elm.

A pop of orange on the sideboard added some color to the other muted tones of the room and connected the room to it's neighboring living room. To complete the space, we added framed botanical photos taken by our client, adding a very personal touch to the space.

All photos by Circle Ten Media

And that's it peeps. Another transformed room from our Hollywood project. And there's more to come! Stay tuned.

Source Guide
Soto Dining Table: Scan Design | White Leather chairs: Artefacto | Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries 
| Wallpaper installer: MC Paperhanging |Curtain Fabric: via Designer Discount Fabric | Rug and Lamps: Home Goods | Mirror and Orange Storage Box: Z Gallerie | Drum Pendant : ET2 via Wayfair | Sideboard: Madison Seating |Paint: Chop Sticks by Sherwin Williams (SW 7575)  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Take Care of a Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Ready For The Weekend: Home Decor :: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Like every other designer or design lover on the planet, I have long lusted for a fiddle-leaf tree. In fact, I tried in vain to source one for this project last year and could find zero at my local Home Depot. Truthfully, I have a VERY brown thumb, which means I can't even care for a cactus plant, so I'll continue to lust from afar for this beauty.
We've teamed up today with Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire, and they're here to give us the skinny on this celebrity tree, and how best to treat this beauty.
A native to the tropics, the fiddle-leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata) produces very wide, violin-shaped leaves and can grow up to 6 feet indoors. The plant is used to the very warm and wet  conditions present  in its  native environment. While this environment may be difficult to duplicate in your house or apartment, the fiddle-leaf fig tree is a fairly hearty plant that will survive less than ideal conditions for a longtime. With the right  care, your fiddle-leaf  fig tree will  grow into a tall,  beautiful specimen that will become the centerpiece of the room.

fiddle leaf fig tree, Jonathan Adler
The fiddle-leaf fig tree needs bright but indirect light. The tree won’t do well when placed directly in front a sunny window, but will thrive in the corner of a bright room that’s not being bombarded by sunbeams. If you have hardwood or tile floors,you might even consider purchasing a rolling plant stand for a few dollars to move the plant from room to room as the light conditions change throughout the day. But make sure the plant isn't kept in too dark conditions or it won’t grow, you can keep reading about this and more at Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire.

The soil for F. lyrata should remain moist, but if the roots are sitting in water root rot may occur. Test the soil with your finger. If the top inch of the soil is dry, it needs water.  Depending on your climate, water needs may go up or down with seasonal humidity. The tree doesn't require a lot of fertilizer, but if you do feed it,use a weak liquid fertilizer three or four times during the growing season.

It’s important not to pot the fiddle-leaf fig tree in a pot that is too large for it, because the plant won’t thrive. Keep an eye on the bottom of the pot. If you noticed roots poking out, it’s time to repot to a bigger pot or trim the root ball. If you trim the rootball no more than 20%, you can keep using the same pot and stop the plant from getting too big. Some experts recommend repotting the plant annually and replacing the top few inches of soil with fresh potting soil.
7 Secrets: How to Save a Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
If you notice brown leaf tips or brown spots on the leaves, consider how much you’re watering the plant. The spots could be indicative of many different things,but chances are you’re watering the plant too little or too much.  Leaf drop could occur when moving the plant to a new area or after exposure to cold air. If your fiddle-leaf fig tree is losing leaves, try moving it to a warmer part of the home. The broad leaves also tend to collect dust. Wipe then with a soft, damp cloth to keep them clean.

Purple Nuetral
Keeping  a  F.  lyrata  takes  a  little  bit  of  love  and  care,  but  having  the beautifully tall tree is worth it. When shopping for your tree, check out your local independent nursery and look for a tree with even, green leaves and no signs of disease. Invest in a healthy plant and enjoy it for years.
Want further proof that they do well? My sister from another mother, Stacey at Design Addict Mom, has a thriving tree and recently shared her own tips on how she cares for her fiddle.
via Design Addict Mom
Me thinks there may be hope even for the brownest of thumbs, assuming we pay attention and treat this tree with some love and affection.
How's your fiddle doing? We'd love to  know....

Thanks again to our sponsors Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire for sharing these valuable tips.  

Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Hollywood Reveal - Powder Room

Hello peeps! What's been cracking in your neck of the woods?
We continue to be blessed with some amazing projects, which explains my sad blogging track record these days. But that also means we always have some great reveals to share and this one is kinda fab, on a budget at that.
We started this mammoth Hollywood project reveal last month and shared all the deets on the living room and entryway.

Across the hallway from the living room, is a powder room that was in dire need of some love and affection.

Functional? Yes. But very bland and in no way reflective of the fun personality of its new owners. Now at first, we had lofty plans to demolish the entire room, relocate those pesky vent covers, layer with a fabulous wallpaper, new vanity and etc..But truthfully the budget had taken a beating in the rest of the home, and the thought of more demolition dust and chaos was a tad too much for our client Karen to handle. 
So we decided to keep the existing tiles, which were in great condition but finish the edges with some bullnose tiles. A new vanity was a must since that pedestal sink couldn't hold or hide much. A new mirror, lighting were also in order.
Since wallpaper was off the table, I needed a bold statement on the walls and decided to run stripes all the way around, juxtaposing white against a gold metallic paint. The talented Shaggy tackled this one of course and we gave you some peeks here and even had followers vote here for the vanity.
I initially fell in love with these vintage inspired lights, but they were a tad bulky for the walls - Psst. Translation: Karen and Carl just didn't like em! So we switched to these instead.

Love the old world charm of this Home Depot faucet and the weathered finish on this gold metallic mirror from Home Goods which was a steal. We finished it all off with simple accessories from Target and West Elm.

All images by Circle Ten Media
 And voila, a new powder room was created without the added craziness of that pesky demolition dust. Let me know your thoughts. How have you saved some coins on a bathroom design? 

Source Guide
Vanity: Bathroom Place | Faucet: Home Depot | Gold Metallic Paint: Martha Stewart Paints for Home Depot | Bathroom Mat: West Elm | Artwork: West Elm | Mirror and Towels: Home Goods | Sconces: Lumens Lighting| 

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