Monday, December 4, 2017

A Grown, Glam and Gorgeous Living And Dining Room

Our client's pup Marshi steals the show. 

Not all design projects are as smooth and seamless as they appear on HGTV. Sometimes we butt heads with our clients, curse them under our breath then sip lots of wine because we know our design mission is for the greater good!
This project was one of those. Our dear client Deon had suffered through the loss of a husband, had raised two kids on her own and had been diligent enough to see them both off to college. She was also a newlywed, and the love between her and new hubby Hector was so palpable it made the newly divorced me believe again in happy ever after.
But Deon admittedly had some control issue and so, as much as she’d admired our design work, she wasn’t about to let us just have our own way. Oh no ma’am!

This is where we started. An outdated design that definitely needed some glam to represent the new Deon.
We had a lot to do. Install new floors, paint, update lighting, all furnishings, window treatments and accessories.
It didn’t help that almost every single item in our approved design plan went into months long back order status causing multiple meltdowns for everyone.
The most heartbreaking was the loss of these accent chairs the corner stone of our original design. But as we always do, we rallied for equally fabulous options and decided on these stunning swivel chairs.

Swivel chairs? Oh no ma’am! Not happening said Miss Deon. Not elegant enough, not fab enough and just not gonna happen. Who the hell wants to swivel in a formal living room she asked?
This is when I️ in turn had a designer diva moment and declared that said chairs were happening because they are fabulous as all hell, and because we are NWD and she’d better learn to trust me on this or we would need to break up. End of story.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these pleated swivel chairs made Miss Deon cry a mountain of tears on reveal day, and issue an apology - which we have on tape just in case she ever needs a reminder!Anyway, we are now dear friends and I’m allowed to sit in the chairs and swivel, even with a glass of red wine. The end. PSA: Trust your designers!

Deon and Hector honeymooned in Paris so these Parisian vignettes were a tender nod to that memory. And because we'll never tire of nailhead details on a sofa.  

A bold black and white rug is a contrast for a room filled with soft neutrals. A round coffee table is always a great way to balance the straight edges of a sofa and end tables. 

We of course extended the glam to the dining room with a table that seats up to 8, and a showstopper of a chandelier that took me forever to help install because of those pesky links but boy is she a beauty. 

And to the entryway because, of course!

Even the stairway got a budget-friendly makeover with the best design weapon ever - paint. I still can't believe how many of our IG followers were impressed with this simple update. 

Huge hugs and love to Deon and her family for allowing us into her humble abode to create the glamorous pad she'd long desired. Cheers to new memories and to always trusting your designers! Stay tuned for their kitchen reveal. It's kinda major. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A kitchen to Be Thankful For

Sometimes we get a call from clients who start a project with the best of design intentions, then simply run out of steam. Let's face it, shockingly, interior design isn't as simple as it looks on HGTV and Pinterest
This kitchen belongs to our clients in Davie, Florida whose laundry room and guest bathroom we revealed last week. 

The floors were great. Ditto the soft grey paint color and like a lot of clients this year, they'd decided on white cabinets with a blue island. A white farm sink and gold hardware were also some great finishing touches. 

But they clearly needed more so we hatched this plan to finally make this kitchen the star we knew it could be. 

Nothing much left to say. We'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

Subway tile in a herringbone pattern for the win. Except when we found some uneven walls but let's not rehash that memory :(
You can see some behind the scenes installation pics here and here

A prep sink is always a good idea when you can squeeze one in, especially for busy holidays like Thanksgiving. Pairing with a gold faucet is just icing on the cake.

Over the sink lighting and floating shelves? Yes, please. And our client installed it himself. Ditto those shelves. 

And please don't be afraid to mix metals. The main sink faucet is a stainless steal and looks just fine when paired with the surrounding gold finishes. 

We painted a playful chalkboard wall along the walkway to the kitchen.
PS - they have some talented artistic kids because that wall is very

And we created a comfy, family friendly and high styling breakfast nook - no easy feat! The lesson here is it's never too late to ask for design help. Well, sometimes it is, but we're thankful they called us just in time. 
Have a great Thanksgiving Day everyone. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Laundry Room That'll Make You Teal With Envy

In my dreams I have a laundry room as fabulous as this, in which I sip wine all day and wash endless loads of laundry. I even fold, the most dreaded laundry task of all time. Alas, this very room belongs to our Davie, Florida clients whose guest bathroom we revealed here earlier this week. 

This is where we started. Pretty much the standard utility room vibe that plagues most laundry rooms. Since our clients are way too cool to be doing laundry like this, it was time for some major leveling up of that space. 

We wanted bold floors, a vibrant cabinet color, black finishes and shiplap walls. 

First up for installation were these dramatic floor tiles.

Then came some shiplap walls because Joanna Gaines has made shiplap a must have for everyone on the planet and we love her for that. Here are our guys installing the shiplap a few months ago. 

Our clients also did not want that typical lower level transition you see in most laundry rooms because the sink height and washer/dryer height aren't the same (36" standard counter height versus 39" for washer/dryer) so the sink is slightly higher than standard to achieve a seamless countertop. PS this countertop is the remember from the guest bathroom shower wall.

Fun fact: we disagreed a bit about the color of the cabinet hardware. Our clients wanted black. We wanted brown leather with some chrome. In the end, we settled on this amazing compromise #winninghandles

Even though we removed a lot of upper cabinet storage, we still have more than enough for laundry needs, plus a place to hang delicates.

Black on black. My new faves in sinks and faucets for sure. 

And that's all folks. Now I'm off to go do some laundry in my very own not so fabulous laundry room :(

( laundry cabinet hardware photo )
( laundry photo showing teal cabinets)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Guest Bathroom Swooning - With Shiplap, Black and Gold


This year we've had some pretty amazing clients find us via IG and this family is one of them. They first contacted us in February, asking for help with their Davie home. They are pretty design savvy and had made good progress, but  they'd hit a design wall and had simply run out of steam.
We've been working together ever since then in what has been a very collaborative process. We recently completed their kitchen, laundry room and this guest bathroom/powder room.
Here's where we started.

Of course we had the usual builder grade items, including this not so fabulous vanity.

As you can see from the floorplan, this is not your usual 5x8 bathroom. We had a narrow space for the vanity and a long but narrow shower as well.

We pitched two design plans, both with this vanity in the starring role. We then had options for shiplap or a tiled wall behind the vanity. Our clients selected the shiplap option since we also did the nearby laundry room in shiplap and it would offer some connectivity to the spaces. 

With high ceilings - almost 10 feet. We wanted to go bold with the vanity of course since it would get major use from everyone who visits. She's quite the stunner, especially against the shiplap backdrop. The high ceilings also meant we could go with a pendant, instead of a sconce, since we'd have plenty of clearance. 

Be still my heart with the gold hardware! This vanity also has two functioning drawers to store loads of toiletries for guests, with space below for a basket of extra items if needed. 

With high ceilings, a taller mirror is also key and that isn't always easy to find but we scored this one from Pottery Barn teens - though our clients had a tad of a marital disagreement on this choice. Let's just say, a wife always knows best! 

Of course the shower needed some love too!

We know brass and gold are styling these days but not like this!

Yes, yes, yes! Even a skinny shower can make a statement! A black rainhead faucet, and tile trim are a nod to the black pendant by the vanity. 

We also ran the white floor tile through to the shower floor, white porcelain tiles on two of the walls and then did a pretty stunning stone on the focal wall - we had just enough to do the laundry room as well whose reveal is coming up next so brace yourselves!

And that's it folks. One styling-ass bathroom if I may say so myself! And one guests will enjoy spending just a few extra minutes in. 
What's your favorite element in this renovation? Post a comment below and share pics of your own bathroom renovations that posed a challenge.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Xavier Gets a Big Boy Bedroom Via City Furniture

The little man turns six this weekend - cue my bucket of tears!
So how fitting it is that I was able to revamp his bedroom as an early birthday present in partnership with the folks from City Furniture
I've used City Furniture for many projects over the years including this and this because they have insanely good collections at an affordable price.
However I'd never used anything from their kid's collection so was excited to learn they'd revamped their kids offerings, with some insanely stylish options.

I chose the full size bed from the Ryder collection and the grey dresser from the same collection. Mixing colors from the same collection is always a fun option, and one you can easily get away with especially when designing for kids. 

Be sure to infuse your child's personality throughout his or her space. All of Xavier's favorite things are on display here: bowling, travel, Roblox, reading, soccer, saving, personal art and his love of fashion via hats and ties etc 

The beauty of this room makeover is that his bedroom had seemingly been made for this collection. I painted his room myself when we purchased this home in 2014. 

These store bought curtains in white and navy inspired my choice of the Ryder bed in Navy.

This before photo shows his old bed with Teenage Mutant Ninja bedding. It is a  is a cherished memory since it's the day he decided to carry out his very own science experiment - with powder !
God bless that memory but he's happy as punch with his newly updated bedroom. 

His new headboard allows him to sit up in bed and practice his reading, plus snuggle with his favorites - Fluffy, Mr. Sonic and Mickey. PS, I tried to give these away since I thought he was now such a big boy, but he was mortified and placed them on the bed himself. 

The brass hardware on the Ryder dresser is a surprisingly stylish feature for a kids collection and one of my favorite elements in the room. This is his first dresser and he's been excited to have drawers for all his clothing. And there you have it, a stylish yet playful bedroom for my growing little man and a room that's both fun and functional and one he'll enjoy growing up in.

I acknowledge that City Furniture is partnering with me to participate in this bedroom makeover. As part of the program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services for promoting City Furniture. However all expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post also complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Trade Commission Guidelines.    

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