Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Our Turnt Up Meditation Retreat - One Room Challenge/HPMK Week Two

It's week two of the One Room Challenge/Highpont Market Edition and I'm having major FOMO since I'm not physically at market this year. If you're new here, then dive into all the week one details here

This week our clients have submitted their questionnaire, their Pinterest boards and we've been plotting away at their meditation retreat. Check out their answers! They are too fabulous and hooray for healthy budgets! Wink, wink. 

High Point market aka Fashion Week for interior designers, remains one the best ways we find client inspiration. Since I'm not physically attending market this year, I'll be shopping in showrooms virtually but if you really want to see how we tackle HPMK then see these two highlights to understand how it all works.

I'll also be participating virtually with these two events on Friday October 16 at 1pm and 3pm. 

Here are my tips for market rookies:

1. Comfy shoes. Comfy shoes. That is all!
2. Lots of water. Lots of coffee. Lots of snacks. Lots of wine - at the end of the day for me because I'm a cheap date and cannot handle liquor all day!
3. Find a showroom you love and work with often and use them as your hub. Trust me, they don't mind as long as you're gracious and clean up your own mess. 
4. Focus on showrooms that are your design aesthetic and your typical client price point so you can knowledgeably pitch these items to clients. 
5. Have all those fancy catalogs and swag bags shipped to you. Schlepping those around market is a nightmare you never wanna experience. 

And that's that for week two. I'll see you next week to reveal all the virtual market finds that I'll be using in our clients meditation retreat. Until then, go forth and see what all these other busy bee featured designers have been up to. They are NOT playing!

Albie Knows | Ana Claudia Design At Home With Joseph | Barbour Spangle Design | Dwell by Cheryl

Eneia White Interiors | Gray Space Interiors | Haneen's Haven | Hommeboys | Interiors by Design

Jana Donohoe Designs | Laura Hodges Studio | Lauren Nicole Designs | Nicole White Designs | Nikole Starr Interiors 

 Nile Johnson Interior Design | Prudence Home + Design | Thou Swell | Traders Haven Design | Whitney J Decor | HPMKT

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