Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen Installation!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of intensity for yours truly and the NWD team. Losing an hour's sleep as we switched to Day Light Savings time just added insult to injury. My body REALLY needs some sleep. Arrgh. So lets' recap:
Our kitchen reno is winding down and man, has it been a reality show of it's own. If I've said it once, I haven't said it enough - renovations never go as planned.
The good: That dreadful paneling and faux painting have been removed and the walls have a new life and a new color: Hello Bunny Gray! My client opted for crown molding at the 11th hour and I gotta say, it was the right call.

So long faux painting. 

Hello, Bunny Gray
Our amazing tiles have been installed and can we just toot our own horn and say they are amazing?

Away with the old!

In the with the new.

The bad: Our cabinet installation began last week and then came to a screeching halt.

There it is, that pesky light that's too close to the pantry for comfort.
My dearest electrician, Dennis, had installed the recessed lights too close to the pantries.
Arrghhh. Why, Why, Why????

Well, why not just call him in to fix it? No could do, since he was all in the way in freaking Canada vacationing with the family! Ok, so maybe I was more upset that he was on vacation (er, why is Dennis always on vacation when we do kitchen renos?)
An outlet box was also an inch too far to the right and the sink cabinet couldn't be done either which meant we couldn't measure our counter tops which meant a week's delay. Sigh.
It gets worse. The lovely sink we ordered weeks ago? Now on back order and not available 'til late April. Ya gotta be kidding me!
So, I scrambled with the vendor and found another sink - 2 inches smaller but yep, it'll work. It arrives today, just in time for the granite guys to factor in the template for the counter tops. 
Thankfully, our clients are in no rush for this project to end since they've also just decided to have us go ahead and wreak even more havoc, by removing the popcorn ceiling throughout the rest of the house and removing the old tile and installing that fabulous tile pictured above throughout the rest of the house.
So good people, that simply means our amazing kitchen reveal, you know the one that could be fit for HGTV, won't happen for a few more weeks but I'll post pics as we inch our way closer. Just be patient. It'll be worth the wait.

Have I mentioned that we all miss my amazing brother Shomari, who visited for a month from Jamaica to help us with this project? Our clients keep asking for him as well. Sounds like my lil brother needs to make a move? Hmmmm...

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