Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Red Hot Kitchen

We're sizzling this week, as in loving the heat, the fire that comes with the color Red. Today we continue our homage to that very bold color with a look at a kitchen we renovated for one of our favorite clients, Pat. Pat and her family are addicted to red - the family cars are red, the front door is red, splashes of red abound in her home, so why would her kitchen have anything else but a red motif? We gutted the old space, knocked down a wall to incorporate a never used dining room and now here's the result:

In this swanky kitchen, red takes center stage.

Yes, this is what I looked like before my premium makeover!

The coffee/tea and mix it corner

A goose neck faucet adds a commercial edginess to this makeover.

We cook a lot in this house, so these hefty pantries are well stocked.

I think we can fit an army in this kitchen. 
Man, I so needed a makeover!

Wine is within reach when work is being done is this corner!

This sign is a misnomer. This kitchen is never closed!
 Are you bold enough to add red in your home? If so, what room would you choose and what elements of red would you incorporate?

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