Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Wrap Up....

What an eventful day with the hubs and family for Father's Day. Not counting the acid reflux I've been plagued with since last year aaaarghhhh, it was a fab day.

Yay, after a morning of the hubs opening gifts and moi, fighting the wretched reflux, we arrive at The Federal for brunch. I didn't get the memo to wear my own fab hat.
Mom, I'm gonna need more than formula today. This menu looks yummy. Do you see my mouth watering?

The big group cheese - Hubs, Debbie, mom-in-law aka mama Quinn, moi and Xavi - as we get ready to chow down.
OMG, them chicken (smoked then fried? say what now?) and waffles.....
The cornmeal pancake with peaches and oats. So yum..
Shrimp and grits. Not on the brunch menu but since I'd pleaded for them on Twitter, the chef obliged. Go chef!
OMG, this little cow came with a belly full of milk - literally. Too cute.
Moi and Debbie vying for time with the mini celebrity, Xavier. Can I tell you that that kid caused quite a stir at the restaurant? He really needs an agent. Lol.

Battle of the cutest shoes between Xavi and Debbie. Hmm, love them shoes Debs but I think Xavier steals the win here.
That's all folks. My dad and I wanna go home and settle the bet about whose hat stole the show. 

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