Friday, June 15, 2012

Hola Barcelona?....Parte Dos

Seriously...LeBron you had me worried there for a minute...ahhh..we just need three more...Go HEAT!
Anyway, enough of my Miami Heat victory musings.
Let's get back to the business at hand. So, were you finally able to guess the swanky digs from last week's photo?

If you said W Barcelona...ding, ding four gold stars for you...hehe.

The first time I saw the hotel's facade I thought it was a hotel in the Middle East, it reminds me of the Burj Al Arab. Architect Ricardo Bofill did a heart stopping amazing job with the hotel's design inside and out.

This is one sexy lounge...I might never leave this hotel to explore Barcelona.

Bliss Spa - manicure and pedicure stations....I would be freaking out about spilling nail polish in here. It's so white.

                                                                     W Barcelona Images Via
So which would you chose? Lorenzo Castillo's Madrid apartment full of old world charm with modern touches, or the uberchic W Barcelona? Sophia and I are pooling our pennies for a can tag along, we can go 

I wish all the fathers...especially Quinnie (the little munchkin's dad)...a great Father's Day this weekend...and victory #2 for the Heat.


  1. BOTH!!!! I say we do a summer trip. July in Madrid and then Barcelona for August!

    1. Okay's the plan, we spend May & June in Paris. July in Madrid, August in Barcelona and September in Milan. You game? Now all we need to do is win the darn lotto....hehehe

  2. I love your photos!! I've never been at hotel vela but I would love it! :) Barcelona is a great city, isn't it? my daughter is there studying spanish and she's so happy, she always explains us new things. I remember the first time that I went there, I felt in love!



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